06 April, 2014

OzMega SA

I'm taking the nephews to a caching event for Easter. I have decided to either:
  1. impress them or
  2. embarrass them
by getting up these t-shirts Hopefully they look nice. Vistaprint is usually pretty ok.

07 March, 2014

March is Multi Month

I declared March Multi Month. I have the intention of finding the equivalent of on Multi cache per day for this month. Here is a table to track my progress.

1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
24 25 26 27 28 29 30
  1. Penguin Picnic
  2. Spring Time
  3. Historical Piper Street
  4. Historical Carlsruhe Mk. 2
  5. The Not So Blue Lagoon
  6. A Local Family's History
  7. Barking up the wrong tree
  8. Sporty Soccer #1
  9. Four Power Poles
  10. Herbert's Hurdles
  11. Up The Creek 4 The Bridge
  12. Nice little parks
  13. Let's Go Fishing for a Cache
  14. Frankston Bypass One
  15. Two on each side
  16. Frankston Bypass Five - St Kilda
  17. Parklands 1
  18. Up and Over, Done Over
  19. A Time For Reflection
  20. You Could Snag One From Here
  21. Russian Around Brunswick
  22. Ubiquitousness
  23. F. C. Ross Memorial Tree
  24. DamperFive
  25. DamperThree
  26. FederalOne
  27. The Highett Train Disaster of 1925
  28. Acorn Patch
  29. The Hampton Outrage - the story of William Almeida
  30. Face your fears 2

08 February, 2014


I bought a new webcam yesterday.  It's so much better than my ye olde thing that cost me $20.  It's one of these.  So, what to do on a 40°C (plus) day?? Well obviously, you sit in a really hot room, with the computer running and you make an animation :)

So, now you get to sit in what ever hot room you are sitting in, with a computer running, and watch it.

06 January, 2014


Well, it's the first time I've gotten crafty in a long time, but here is what I have made. 
The idea is stolen from (of all places) an avon catalogue I was reading at a friends place. It is a thing to hang in the wardrobe from a coat hanger. It has little pockets and stuff and you store all the 'non jewelery box' jewelry on there. It's ace, I'm totally impressed with my self. I've even decided to throw out the heap of little boxes I was storeing most of this stuff in, since I don't need them any more :) 
Go me :):):)

27 November, 2013

Anyone know a leather worker?

All my beautiful slippers (that are 10-15 years old mind) are dying and I cannot find anything I want to replace them with. Hence, I'm hunting down someone who could make me some. Here is one of the least workout pairs (I have 3)

24 November, 2013

Dr who

Just watched the special broadcast (which started at 6:50am)
It was good. Now to decide if I should go back to bed...

01 November, 2013

I can be reached at...

Google + have a new thing.  Custom urls.  I decided to claim mine....

it is: google.com/+LouiseSullivan
You can click that and find me on google plus.