31 January, 2009

Clara on a hot day

This is Clara's favourite relaxing position for a hot day, she had been lying like this for about 1/2 and hour when I took the photo and she still is now, about 20 mins later! I think she's set for the day and wont be moving til tea time!

30 January, 2009

28 January, 2009

Holly dog

We discovered that Clara had a lump. Given that she is only 3 I thought it best to get rid of it ASAP. So off we went for our surgery today. I'm sure I was way more worried than Clara. She is currently sleeping beside me and more worse for wear, except for the stitches below.

fuzzy stitches

We also had a grass seed taken out of our nose. It has to have been there for at least (!) a month. No wonder we had a bit of a snotty nose! God! No more dogs! I mean it! No, really (it's OK, I don't believe me either)
grass seed
Sent from my iPhone (originally anyway, but it stuffed up so I had to come and fix it the normal way, from work, in the aircon, the next day!)
P.S. It's over 40ºC today. I am hiding in the aircon and to scared to go into the PC in the hot part of the house

27 January, 2009

Holly Lamington Cake Batman!

I know it's hard to see in this picture, but for some reason my cake cooked with two large holes in the bottom! Also, please note the "ears" in the back ground.
Holly Lamminging cake

25 January, 2009

Painting lessons from today!

  1. No matter how good your reactions are, when you spill paint, it goes everywhere...
  2. Paint brushes - they're not good mops.

What to do on Australia Day weekend

Well, I have been a very busy camper. Not that I am camping. I am at home, being busy. So far this week end I have painted the ceiling, painted the cornis's, twice, washed all the brushes and rollers, done some washing, made lemon slice, cooked a cake (which I will make in to lamingtons tomorrow), watched two movies and some Star Trek, "Cut in" from the cornis down on to the wall and painted the wall. Oh and washed my hands about a millions times and fallen asleep on the couch for an hour. I have not how ever, washed my feet (I am going to do this soon, right after I have done the "cutting in" and wall painting task again) because of this, they look a bit like this:
my painty foot
You're totally jealous, I can just tell.
Even though up until this point Clara has been helping a lot with this room renovation thing, I have had to chuck her out for the painting. Given that she is currently asleep, I don't think she has minded that much.
I don't think I'll be doing much tomorrow, except the lamingtons of course, cos it is going to be really hot.
Oh well, back to it I guess, I am so buggered.

19 January, 2009


Isn't Molly clever. She has been feeling a bit left out with the movies, since is was mostly about Clara.

18 January, 2009

Here's the low down.....

OK, so here is the low down on the renovations. The whole house, when Mum and Dad bought the house a few years ago, was the same color (a yukky pinkie color called mintage pumas stone). I mean EVERY room, including the toilet and everything is this color. So we have decided to start on the two small bed rooms (out of the four) as our learning projects. It's all going rather well, and I now feeling excited enough about the project to put up some pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot take before photos of the room we are actually working on, but I have taken photos of the 2nd bedroom, which is practically the same anyway, just to give you an idea. Here is one and the others are here.

Here is Clara helping:

Here are our tools and the work plan and color charts!

Last but not last, here are the color tests....

I know, I know, it's blue and Neil is constantly bitching about how much blue there is in the house, and yes, we appear to have picked a blue that is almost exactly the same as "Mum's" blue! Funny :) Anyway, we're thinking of maybe going with the darker blue on the card with 3 colors on it instead. Remember that in the real paint the window frame will be in full gloss, not the semi gloss that this sample paint is in. Also, believe it or not, the wall is actually painted the color of the card at the top, no really it is!

The second bedroom, cos it has a mauve-ey blue colored carpet will end up being a pinky purple room. The 1st bedroom we have no thoughts on yet. Lastly we will be doing the main part of the house. Should easily keep us busy for the rest of the year! Old mu fingers hurt, this renovating thing is going to kill me!

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17 January, 2009

Clara, the helper dog

I have just been given shit for not putting this photo of Clara up. This is Clara being a helper with the de-constrruction of the old garage.
Clara the helper dog 
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16 January, 2009

pretty shoes

oooooo I have the pretty shoes on today. Don't expect me to actually walk any where then! I mean I love them, but they are now good for my feet, hip, knee.... anything really. He he he he.

12 January, 2009

Spastic of the week

I know it's only Monday, but I think we will have trouble beating this one for stupidity. I have had a package delivered to work with Kitchen goodies in it. (I get my packages delivered to work, because my postman is extremely unreliable and this way I don't have to try and get to my local post office in business hours.) In the package is a couple of spoons, a backing stone, knife rack and a knife. The knife seem to have caused a security alert. Perhaps not unreasonable on the surface, but when you think every kitchen in the building would have a knife, even if only for birthday cake cutting, maybe a touch over kill.

Anyway, the upshot is that I can only pick up my package on the way OUT of the building this evening. I think this whole episode is proof positive that yes, our security guards did used to work at a prison (this is a rumour that has been circulating for a while) and that that are still in the prison mind set.

P.S. No I am not a knife wielding maniac!

10 January, 2009

New Skill

I'm now a movie director and producer! (Like everyone else in the world who owns a camera and has access to the internet!)
My other movies are at YouTube, go there and be amazed (but not if you are on dial up, sorry Mum)


Guess what, you can import stuff into your blog from other blogs! I only found that today. So I have imported some posts from an old and unloved blog. It was an idea I had with a friend of mine, who although he promised and promised, never really (ok, not at all) participated. So I have imported the old posts, added a new label (wow, two new labels in a month) and deleted the the old blog (which is why I haven't linked to it here.)

Anyway, some out standing words are:
  • Surfistimacated
  • Moleocular
  • Emerdancy
  • Ambleance

I really wanted to add pronunciation to the list, but when I sounded out how I thought you spelt it, thinking it would be completely wrong, Word reckoned I'd spelt it right! Miricals some times happen..... (can you see the joke in that comment?)

09 January, 2009

nearly forgot

In the excitement of the tram, I nearly forgot to show you my mornings creativity. They are all eaten now, but they were quite yummy strawberry meringues tarts!

Tram woopsie

tram woopsie
Personally I'm surprised the whole building didn't topple over, as everyone on my floor came and looked out the window!

04 January, 2009

It's started

Yesterday I started on my first major bit of home renovation. I went to Bunnings and bought 'stuff' (Stuff in this case was sand paper, polly filla, no more gaps and masking tape.) Then, after a bit of therapeutic sewing, I took all the nails out of the walls, took the curtain and rail down and starting sanding various 'bits' of the wall.

Today, we bought out the big guns and got the sander and heat gun in on the job. I did a fair bit of manual paint stripping around the windows, then more with the heat gun (only one tiny burn so far.) Neil got to the door frame and it's pretty much done.

Now, my armies hurt and the bottle of water I am currently drinking is the BEST water I've had in AGES!

Note: I am starting a new tag today!

01 January, 2009

My day is ruined

So, Neil and Scott are off to see the band they see every new years day and I am left at home to do stuff. I have this great plan of starting my new cross stitch today, cos experience has shown than this will take around a year and a half, and time is ticking away on my 101 in 1001 and I need to get moving. I got all the bits and pieces together and then thought, "better grab the pattern now" only to discover that I don't have a print out of it. Crap. Officeworks is closed and I totally CAN'T be stuffed driving all the way to work, on a public holiday to print out a new copy. I can totally tell, even now, that I will end up doing this, other wise I will end up going back to bed and reading the Jamie novel until I fall asleep. Oh well.