02 July, 2011

Big week, big month

It might only be 4:30pm on a Saturday but we already sitting in front of the tv with a beer each and we are both buggered. I have been thinking about everything that has been on this week and it no wonder we are stuffed! Especially when you add in the last weeks worth of things as well

This week:

  • Plaster sanding
  • Plaster cleaning
  • Boss returned to work
  • Two 3 hr workshops
  • Dog school
  • Re installing the projector on the ceiling
  • Painting and more painting
  • Snigger had to be put down
  • Bosses boss announced he is going to 3 days for the rest of the year
  • Bought shiny now light fitting

Last week:

  • Had plaster installed
  • Was 'acting' as the boss
  • Installed the projector onto the roof and removed it
  • Removed all the old plaster
  • Tidied up after removing the plaster
  • Removing the roof supporting beam

It's no wonder we are stuffed. All we have left we have is 1/4 of the roof and a small amount of walls for the first coat of paint and the final coat of paint. Then all that's left is the skirting boards
Oh dear!