29 July, 2008

20 July, 2008

spring - but hang on!!!

These are daffodils from Mums garden, and it still winter!

Read things properly

I am so embarrassed. We had a wedding to go to last night. I had decided to make a skirt to wear. We went to spotlite and brought all the supply's. We cam home, check the start time for the wedding and I got sewing. No dramas, heaps of time. Neil was having a lie down cos of his mad desire to go on the Icicle Ride (a night ride, in winter. Why, I ask you?) I finished the skirt at 10 past 5 (I had started at 4ish), great, just time to get Neil out of bed, get dressed and in the car. Luckily the venue is only 15 mins down the road. We were in the car at around 6, so I was hoping and hoping the ceremony wouldn't start right on the second of one time, like my cousins did. As we were driving I checked the invite again, to see if it gave any sort of indication. This is ever the evening went bad for me.
The wedding was at 5pm, drinks and canapaees were at 6pm, followed by dinner at 7pm. (not as I hurriedly read it weeding at 6 and dinner at 7pm) Fuck.
Fuck......... Fuck.
Really what else can I say?

Note: If you are either of the Happy Couple reading this --> We are soooo sorry. I feel awful and I can't even think of anything to say except sorry. If you can come up with some sort of horrible punishment, please let me know.

13 July, 2008


Guess what happens when a Scottie dog eats a dozen olives? Let's just
say we now have to buy more paper towel and leave it at that shall we.

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04 July, 2008

03 July, 2008


when you commute to work, either by PT or private transport, you get to see a lot of stupid things. As I commute by motorcycle, I get to see my stupid things on the road. This afternoons stupid thing was a lady in a huge brand new BMW 4WD who had decided at the last minute she needed to turn right from Punt road into Johnson street (for non-Melburnians these are two fairly major roads, (for Americans, and other who drive on the wrong side of the road, think left and turn)) Unfortunately she had missed the end of the cue of traffic that was already lined up to turn right. For any normal person they would have thought "oh bum" and turn down the next street and doubled back, but not this bright spark. No, she decided there was plenty of room at the front of the cue and she would just slow down, in traffic travelling 70km and hour and push in at the front. This not only pissed off the moving traffic, but just imagine being the car the was the first in the cue.
Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you as today's bit of f%#&ing stupid on the way home.

02 July, 2008


My ears are buzzing. Why on earth would my ears be buzzing? Also, my
earing holes (what else do you call them?) hurt. Again, no idea why.

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