25 September, 2011

The show

I am at the show this year for work. It's the first time they have had a stand since guy that used to organise them retired. Any way my question is: who's stupid idea was it to make the shirts this color

19 September, 2011


Look at the sort of things I have to put up with. And this is all on my side of the bed
The mess after 1 Scottie jumped on the bed
The mess after a second, obviously much wetter Scottie jumped on the bed.

A different view

This the view I have now I am back at work. My back is so much better. It doesn't really hurt at all any more I am just being careful because of the Scottie show on the weekend. You are all welcome to come along if you want. But be warned. It will be boring

15 September, 2011


Why do trainer feel it is necessary to ply the student with chocolates? I have eaten sooo many. They are yummy and it have no ability to say no to them. Today I have had a mini milky way, bounty and a honey comb freddo. Lets not talk about the number of Minties I have eaten. Those things have to be the moat evil lollie, I mean they are great, but really evil. I don't know how I have any teeth left. That reminds me, the dentist sent me a reminder. Oops

14 September, 2011

My lunch time view

It's not very exciting is it?

13 September, 2011


Done me back, bugger. It's no where near as bad as last time, which was nearly two years ago, when the puppies where small. Still it's not fun. I have a corse all this week which is a bit of a bum as I really have to sit. This really bad for my back. I am able to spend each break and all evening lying flat on my back, like I am right now. Lucky it easy to use the iPad like this. I also have to spend the whole weekend lying down. Fingers crossed it doesn't get any worse, although the physio who I saw tonight thinks it will probable get worse before it gets better. Bloody perl corse :(

11 September, 2011

my Scottie babys