28 July, 2010

Not fixed

So the men came on Tuesday morning and made a nice new flat bit of nature strip whilst fixing the gas leak, but it turns out.... it's not fixed after all.
Here it is.... on fire....

27 July, 2010

Gas leak!

Look what they were doing out the front of my house this morning!You need a bit of excitement every now and then.

25 July, 2010

Conner's gone a visiting

My Conner has gone to stay with Mum and Dad for a while. He will hopefully be catching a few of their mice. Also, this will mean Conner and Guthrie can hopefully learn their own names a bit better, rather than both answering to Connerguthrie, which I sometimes think they think is their name. Mum has just left. It seems a bit empty here now.

24 July, 2010

Melbourne Open House

Neil and I went out today to the Melbourne Open House. It was quite good. We only managed to get to five buildings. It was quite interesting, and very tiring.
I got all arty with my photos, you can go look if you want :)
Melbourne Open House 2010

Recent Craftey-ness

Quite some time ago, a very good friend of mine had a baby. I started making some little presents for him/her well before she was born. She is now 3 months old. Still haven't met her, but at least I have passed her little pressies on to her mum, who loved them, and lets face it, thats the main thing!
(hat kindly modeled by my teddy from the UK)

16 July, 2010


Long time, no post I know. Things have been rather busy at work, and not all that happy on other fronts. I don't want to go it, but see this post, it pretty much says it all.
Anyway, this morning, I got up (eventually, my hip has been giving me some 'gib') and opened the back door for the puppies. One shook him self in the door way. He made this pretty 'beard art' on the wall, my nice new, steal clad EXPENSIVE wall.....
And that's the wall! You should have seen the offending puppy that made the mess! It was Conner, of course. Lucky he likes to play bite the water with the hose so it wasn't to hard to clean him.