30 November, 2009

The polls have now closed

Thanks for the advice everyone, you all chose what I was leaning towards. The D rings are now installed. For those of you who haven't been keeping up with my sewing projects (cos you know, like I haven't actually told you or anything), here is a photo of the coat so far: (You try taking a photo of your own back!) In this picture I am wearing a black t-shirt under the coat (with no sleeves) and you can almost see (if you squint and close one eye) that the coat is actually very dark navy, not black. Also, in real life, when you aren't viewing the coat with a flash, the ribbon matches very well, and isn't 3 shades lighter like in looks in this picture.

Commitee Meeting

The puppies obviously had a committee meeting this morning before I woke up. I believe a motion, something along the lines of "We are 4 weeks old this morning and really should get our act together with this 'drinking from a bowl thing' pretty smartly" was passed. I'm not saying they drank the whole thing, but at one stage all three of them were actually having a drink! Right this second they have, of course, gone back to Mum, which they greatly prefer. Later they will play some 'bite each others head' game, which is their favorite (OK, only) game. Then it will be time for a snooze again. It's a routine, of sorts.
Also, today is my last day on leave :( I have to go back to work tomorrow :< Neil, the puppies and I will have to develop a new routine. I'll let you know how it goes.

29 November, 2009

Which do you think?

I have pretty much decided that the first one is way too thick. The second one is with only one layer of material, and I'm concerned that this might eventually fray (it's worsted 80% wool, 20% poly) The last one is with the ribbon that will be used as lacing in the finished product. Also, please note the colors in this are awful. Really the material and the ribbon are both very navy. So dark, most people think it's black. Decisions decisions! Let me know what you think.

25 November, 2009

Poor Clara - their teeth are comming

Yes, it time we got moving on this weaning thing, as the puppies teeth are starting to come through!

23 November, 2009

We ain't doin' this right

So, obviously Clara ate pretty much all of the milk that was in this bowl. If we keep her away from the puppies for long enough for them to have a go, she gets really annoyed (I tried shutting her out side yesterday, and in the end Molly cam into me and whined at me to say 'hey Mum, you know Clara's at the door, asking to come in don't you?' quite funny really.)
I can see we might just be a bit early on the whole weaning thing, but at this rate their never going to get any, Clara will always be quicker. Any thoughts would be appreciated....
This shot was posed, but still cute.

22 November, 2009

eyes=play, walking and lapping

All the puppies eyes are now open and they are well and truly into the 'get to know the rest of their litter' phase. It's amazing to see that the bite each others head game is such a favourite from day one. Yellow is defiantly the best walker of the three, although he tried to shake this morning... that was funny.
The puppies are trying to chew things already, so I went and got them some toys yesterday. It might be a bit early yet, but we'll see how we go. Also if anyone has any ideas on how go get Mum not to steal the toys off the babies I'd appreciate any input.
As the puppies are biting things, I figured this meant they are starting teething. So I have tried them on a bowl of puppy milk. I was amazed, they had the idea right off! They did make a fairly large mess, but all three of them were licking away. Mostly at the side of the bowl, but it's progress. I have the issue that Clara is very quick to drink the milk herself, and keeping her away is difficult. Again, and ideas will be appreciated.
Neil has bought an enormous penis extension, I mean flash for his new camera, so more and better photos of the puppies to follow. (It's one of those ones that bounces the flash off the ceiling and has filers and stuff on it to make it not so bright and it there for won't hurt their eyes.)

20 November, 2009


Today was very hot, at least it was until a few minutes ago (Yay the change is here). I have been hiding inside trying to keep the family cool. I have also been sewing.
I wanted to tell you about a plant that is just outside my front door. It an Australian native of some sort, but it is know to me as 'the clicky plant'.In the photo you can see the little seed pods. When they are ripe and on it's a hot day, they open. Then the seed shoots out. The seed pods open with the heat and they make a little clicky sound (hence why I have named the plant.) When I hear it, I know it's hot.
I mentioned the sewing a few posts ago, it's going really well. I have near finished 2 of my 4 assessment garments. Ok, so they are the easy ones, but that's not the point. Only waist bands and hems to go. Here are the hard parts:Kick pleat feature on skirt.The 'proper' zip and pockets (which are sew shut at the moment as the pants are still under construction)
I'm quite happy with both so far, so only shirt (ahhh $97 worth of silk!) and coat to go.


On the 14th I went to my first Flash Mob event for Geocaching. I have been waiting for the picture to come out, and it's here now:

18 November, 2009

The eye opening race

The eye opening race is on and, so far, Yellow is far and away the winner. He has both eye half open! Obviously he's along way off from actually seeing, but I'm very excited. Blue and Red are a long way behind, but I think Blue will be the next to make a move in the eye opening directing.
Keep you posted :)


wow, I just noticed that there isn't a photo of the puppies on the front page any more (except for yellow, but he's half hidden under Clara) so, here you go:
Aren't the soooo much bigger!
I have discovered that it's quite challenging to take a photo with your own hand in it, to help provide some prospective. Any way, take my word for it, they are very much bigger.

Last night we went to the pub for steak night (I have been eating Lite 'n easy for weeks and needed some 'real' food). We met a person we know there and told her all about the puppies. About half way through the conversation, I realised just how much we sounded like 'new parents'! This is awful, I swore I'd never become one of those people. *sigh*

17 November, 2009


It's been a while since there has been an on the whole renovation project, as it has all been about the puppies recently. Anyway, as the puppies have been getting more and more self contained (still no open eyes!), I have felt more more I am able to leave them for short periods.
So this morning I nipped to the insulation place and now the insulation is ordered. All we have to do now is rip off all the weather boards and put the insulation in in time to have the cladding men come and put up the new steal weather boards!

16 November, 2009


I forgot to mention, today is also Clara's Birthday! Happy Birthday Clara! She is 4 today.

we're still here

I know it's been a few days, and whilst the puppies haven't been busy doing anything other than getting bigger, I have been very busy, and hot. This is all a testament to how much easier looking after the puppies has been. They let me sleep now, which I think is really nice of them. The couple of really hot days can clearly be seen on their weight chat.Unfortunately, not so much on my own weight chart!
I am doing so many things at the moment. I am
  • sewing my final 4 garments for my pattern drafting course
  • knitting a hat, jumper and booties for a friends baby
  • soldering a little project we recently had delivered (follow the link, play the video, you know you want to!)
  • cleaning the house (it all just got to me, hmmmm might be hormonal ;))
  • oh, and watching the puppies at regular intervals!
I will do some updates on all these things as they beome more interesting to look at.
So, on puppy watch there have been no major developments. I think Yellow is getting closer to thinking about standing. We are hanging out for their eyes to open, which should happen any day now. I am going to revamp the weight chat on the right. Other than that, it business as usual. I only have two weeks left of my leave :(

13 November, 2009

The one that got away

It might be a bit hard for you to tell, but I went into the 'puppy room' a few minutes ago, and this is the sight I was greeted with:Clara, feeding one of her puppies (yellow) outside the whelping box! I'm not sure how he managed to climb out, what with the pig rail and everything, but he did! I guess he wanted a snack.

what the?

*** Warning!! Not a puppy post ;) ***

I don't get it! My blog has been around for a while now. It has many interesting things on it (I think any way). So how come with google analytics, which I have set up because I like being big brother and spying on the people who visit my blog, I get far and away the most visits to my blog, from google, with the search term bacon flavored bubbles? In fact, 5 of my top ten search terms are along this same theme.
What is with that? I made one little tiny post about said bubbles, the post only has one comment on it (Thanks BP, I know you love me), it was a year and a half ago and still that what people want to search to my blog for that. I'm thinking I might have to hit the bubble company up for some money, and put a link to there page on my blog. *sigh*

P.S. The puppies are sleeping, and growing - lots!

12 November, 2009


Guess what arrived to day!??!?! That's right, more puppies! Well sort of. OK, not real actual puppies, but nearly as good!This is the back of a jacket that two of my Scottie friends (Eva and Robyn) have. It took me about a year to get it, as the company kept ignoring me, but it's here now. Yay :)

11 November, 2009

it's official

Clara, her family, me and my Mum went to the vet today, in what felt like 400°C weather, to get Clara stitches out. (it was really around 33° according to the BoM, the car said it was 38° outside). Anyway, the trip over there wasn't so bad, but the trip home was hell, the air con really wasn't coping for the last 15 or so mins and the puppies were very warm by the time we got home. Clara and the humans were fine.
Anyway, side tracked there with the weather..... The vet has said that the puppies are doing fine and they are, in fact, fat! So we are doing everything right!!!! Yay! :) I have fat puppies... oh, that sounds a bit bad... *snigger snigger*

10 November, 2009

a morning sing

Blue puppy is clearly destined to be an opera singer when he grows up. He frequently has a little sing after eating and I have finally caught on one my camera.

May be Blue can teach Clara how to howl when he's older, we are still quite disappointed Clara won't howl.


Last night it was so hot I had to move the new family into the lounge room, with air con. This is a completely un-posed photo of how they arranged them selves What do you think a triangle of Scottie puppies means? Also, just so you know, I have their little fence set up on the left, so they don't fall off the couch.

09 November, 2009

How big are we?

So. 'How big are the puppies?' I hear you ask. I have not put up photos that help you tell this so far, so here is one:As you can see, my hand is there. What you can't easily see from this photo is just how big they have grown since we brought them home. I think they are at least 1/3 bigger now. This is the red puppy, who is the biggest. In this photo you can also see his pretty brindle bits. They show up more in real life, but you can see it on his legs and face. There is another close up, without my hand.

08 November, 2009

Things the puppies have learnt, so far

They currently practising running, in their sleep. They are getting ready to bark, or are at least practising that in their sleep too. They are starting to move their little ear flaps. They have learnt to yawn. They have learnt to get lost in the sleeves of an old polar fleece we put in their box, to the point where I have over-locked the sleeves off and made them into closed tubes, so they can't get in them any more. Lastly, the puppies are learning to wag their tails! evidence below:P.S. They have also learnt about itchy shots when you scratch their tummys

Today, I dub thee 1/2 kilo day.

So today, all the puppies will weigh half a kilo! That's huge! This morning yellow weighted exactly double what he weighted when we brought him home. Currently all dogs (both big and small) are sleeping....

The next few days are predicted to be quite warm (32,32,32,27,29,31 (for the non-metric people out there 32°C≅90°F)). Also I will be looking after them by myself for most of the week. I hope we all cope OK.

07 November, 2009

Getting easier

Things are slowly getting easier. There is more human sleeping happening, which is a great thing, the puppies are getting larger, Clara is more relaxed. I am still quite tired though. We have nearly made it through one whole week.

05 November, 2009

Things I have learned so far

  • puppies mean you don't sleep much
  • puppies make me everyone stressed (esp. Clara :()
  • although the ceaserian might have been good for my mental health, it might not have been so great for Clara
  • new born puppies have little tabs for ears
  • tiny little squeaking noises do wake you up
  • I think the puppies are dreaming about barking, even though they can't bark yet
  • puppies have really strong tongues
  • there are as many old wives tails (ha ha ha) about puppies a whelping as there are about childbirth and children
  • the puppies are only slowly learning to wag their tails
  • the puppies like to sleep in a row, like little sausages

04 November, 2009

the vista

This has been my outlook for the last, oh god it's only been, two days.Either Neil or I are sleeping/reading/vegging in the bed beside the whelping box (thanks Eva, Agnes and Jo for the lend) Clara all day and night. We'll keep doing this for a bit yet.

P.S. The puppies are in this shot, they are just inline with Clara so you can't see them.

03 November, 2009

Red, Yellow and Blue

The puppies are here, the post yesterday was a photo taken at the vet, about 15 minutes after they had be 'born' (given that it was a Ceaserian, I'm not sure if born is the right word.)

They have been home with us now since about 3pm yesterday and we a tired already. Clara has finally started to take an interest in them, I think the drugs and shock were taking a toll on her mothering ability. She seems much happier with the situation now. Here is a little video from yesterday afternoon.

02 November, 2009

01 November, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

So. Tomorrow is the day. My poor Clara is sooooo fat. I have just been lying on teh couch near Clara, with my hand on her tummy and it's no wonder she isn't eating a lot at the moment, the puppies are moving around heaps! Really quite amazing. I get the feeling Clara is quite over this whole thing, she is spending so much ring just lying around on her side, doing a very good impersonation of dead. I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow and we come home with a healthy and happy family.