28 February, 2007

Bloody bloddy bloody

And didn't we all think things were going sooooo smoothly?

So the settlement for the house is supposed to me on Friday (2 days time) and at 7pm last night (the more calls at 8.30 and 9pm) I start getting phone calls from the solicitor crapping on about the 'stamps office' and this and that form. My total response is 'why is this MY problem?' Then this morning the phone call is I have to organise an independent valuations of the house. So this means I have to spend a couple of hundred dollars so that I have the privilege of paying extra stamp duty to the sodding "stamps" office. I'm just so crapped off with the whole thing; I knew something would come up to make this all difficult at the last minute.

So I have finally been able to get hold of the bank man. I’m not sure weather the whole issue really is a storm in a tea cup, or if he is just not aware of the problem, cos he immediately makes the problem not seem like a problem and he’ll sort it all out. So I’m not sure if I feel calmer or not. Oh well, what can you do? I’ll just go along for the ride and see what happens.

26 February, 2007


Clara decided last night that there was something worth all her many years of breeding's attention as a hunter. She was very busy on her little legs running round my room, sniffing and bushing things out the was with her nose. She was esp. interested in my suit case and wine rack, so I move both these items for her. Her interest then transfer more intently to the wine rack. On moving this further, a small black object emerged from under it and scuttled across my rug, Clara was on to this in a flash, and after a few tentative encounters, I managed to determine that the object in question was a cricket. Phew, nothing really to worry about.

It ended up under the bed, which in my case has heaps of stuff under it. Clara did make a number of valiant efforts to continue pursuing said cricket, but to no avail, and she retired to sleep, exhausted, on the end of the bed. On the whole, I think we can say she had a great evening.

25 February, 2007

Sewing Day

Yesterday and today are sewing day. I was quite good yesterday and finished two skirts I had needed to finished for months, one just needed a hem, the other a waste band. I feel very virtuous now. I have also finished the skirt for the costume for my friends wedding. I looks great! The shirt for the same wedding outfit is also done, except for 3 buttons (I hate hand sewing.....)

Today hasn't been as productive as yesterday as I have been rather side tracked playing the pirate game, which i can highly recommend, esp if you have heaps of time you would rather not spend on anything senseable. But hey, it's only lunch time, I might do good things yet!

22 February, 2007

Naughty Scottie Monster

I was out the front of my house the other day with my four legged family (ie: two dogs, one Westie Cross and one Scottie dog) and they were both running round like mad things, as they want to do some times. As the headed towards the front gate, which is always open, I told them not to run off down the street.

Molly, my old much more sensible Westie, changed her trajectory and headed back into the yard. She is such a good girl.

Clara, the much naughtier 12 month old Scottie, looked over her shoulder at me wagged her tail and sprang off into the street. I just couldn't yell at her. She knew exactly what I was asking and just decided she didn't want to. When I told her again, in a much more serious tone, to come back in the fence, she turned around and came back in. She'd had her bit of naughtiness and was happy enough to come back. How could you NOT want a Scottie?

19 February, 2007

Psychic osmosis

Who has even has examples in their life of where they are supposed to know something by Psychic osmosis. I have had it happen so many times, I really wish I had that skill. I must put it on my Christmas list this year for Santa to give me.

Today example, which actually happened on Friday was the optometrist. I have glasses. I also sometimes have daily contacts (the ones you wear once, then throw out). I am hoping to go on an extended holiday later in the year and thought it might be nice not to have to worry about my glasses while I'm away. I asked the
optometrist for contacts I could wear for a week, she gave me some fortnightly ones. Good, cool, I can wear them for longer. I had my 'lets just check they fit ok' appointment today.

It was a differently lady and one of the first questions is, 'how is the cleaning going?' 'What cleaning says me?' So, by psychic osmosis, the girl who has only worn dailys, never cleaned a contact lens and has no solutions etc. was meant to know this. The poor lady today was a bit embarrassed about the other lady I think. Oh Well.......... They make me see good!!

18 February, 2007

Sewing day

Had a much more productive day today, even thought it was about 400 degrees (either C or F, it was really hot). I am busily making a costume from my friends wedding. I would show you some pictures, but I am having technical 'issues' with the camera just now. Rest assured, when they are resolved, I will put some.

17 February, 2007

Hung over - not a good start

today I have a terrible hangover.

Last night I went out with a bunch of friends after work and proceeded to drink my self into oblivion. I twas really fun. We got home at 3am. It has meant that today has been a complete write off. I was meant to go to a family event, I was meant to sew, I was meant to tidy the house, I was meant to read though loan documents. I was meant to do a lot of things. Instead have been sleeping or feeling awful. Bugger. Oh well, it is about a million degrees outside, I probable wouldn't have done half the stuff I was meant to anyway!