23 June, 2011

Pie on a plate

Yep that's me lunch, no garnish. Just pie and mash

22 June, 2011

20 June, 2011

Cathedral ceilings and crap iPad camera

Look at out lovely cathedral ceiling. I have better photos on my real camera, but the computer is currently covered in plastic, to protect it from dust, much like the sink in this photo, if you can see anything in this photo, it's such awful quality

19 June, 2011

We are so connected

Ok so the house is a total mess, but look what's hanging from the ceiling!?!? :)

13 June, 2011

Not spoilt

These are the pan cakes Neil made especially for the dogs. I don't think they are spoilt at all

05 June, 2011


This photo is from before Finn went to his new home in the hills and the three puppies were still together. Don't I look tired? Clearly this was a while ago, cos I look at this photo now and think aren't they cute, I miss Finn, why didn't we keep them all? This shows I have forgotten all the pain of trying to keep three puppies in line, with only two hands, I have forgotten the wee, everywhere. I have forgotten the noise and general havoc. Oh well, they are cute, I will just remember that and try to move on.Conner, Guthrie, Finn, with me