28 November, 2010


I think I feel like it's OK to be "online", when other people I know are on. This is why things like face book and google chat are a bit evil, because you can see when other people are online, even if your not chatting with them, it feels like your not by your self. but when they drop off line, it make it seem a bit lonely, even though nothing has happened at my end..... OK, yep sad. *sigh*

21 November, 2010

Busy - part 2

The trailer arrived today, and we loaded it up,As you can see it looked hugh, until Neil did the tie down. Now I'm hopefull we can get away with it being 1m3

14 November, 2010


As we all know, I am completely incapable of doing nothing. Today we decided and needed to so some gardening. I hate the garden and the only reason it isn't fence to fence green concrete is I hate that idea slightly more.
Neil was cutting down the tree that will not die and moving the compost heap (ooooooewh yuk.) on top of it's (hopefully soon to be) dead trunk.
I was "trimming" all the alive trees.
The dogs, at least the black ones, were helping.
Neil ripped out the x-clothes line pole.
Now it's lunch time and we are both buggered. All we need now is Steve to bring his trailer around so we can get rid of all the evidence:

(It might not look like much in these photos but I promise it was heaps when your cutting it and moving it all)
P.S. and that's just the back yard! I'm doing the front yard after lunch... maybe

12 November, 2010


I don't get headaches, as a general rule, unless I am hungover.
The optometrist recons that my weird vision thing this morning was the visual aura thing for a 'mini migraine'. By the time we got home in the car, my head was feeling awful and I went to bed, until about now. I still feel a bit average, but at least my head isn't as sore. Yay. I bloody hope this doesn't become a regular thing.

I'm blind or dying or something

I can't see properly. I am looking at things and there are bits missing. It's getting very disturbing. I am going to the optometrist this morning. I really hope they say I am really tired.

07 November, 2010

And I'm back

I'm very glad to be home. The holiday was great! We saw ace stuff and did heaps. Next time I think we'll make it 5 weeks, rather than six. I missed my doggies and my bed.