20 June, 2010

24hr movie marathon

we're half way. Mind you, Neil is asleep on the couch with three Scotties tucked in around him. I think I am getting too old for this sort of thing

02 June, 2010

too much

There is just too much going on at the moment:
  • I need to get more molly drugs
  • Molly needs another blood test
  • the boys are putting up a fight about being combed and I need to spend more time on that
  • I have a meeting tonight about the Scottie Clubs 60th Show, which is rapidly turning into a disaster
  • need to prepare all the things to talk about at the meeting
  • I have a real job to do as well your know!
  • the scottie club secretary still isn't talking to anyone
  • I need a shower
  • the house is a mess
  • lets not even talk about the back yard
  • Neil doesn't want to move mega couch out of the lounge room, and it takes up to much room
  • the heater fan seems to have stopped working
  • I'm cold
  • is that enough?
My head hurts