31 May, 2008


I didn't mention it at the time, but about 11 months ago Neil gave me, with all the love in his heart, a hair tie. As a ring. He, of course was joking, I wasn't. I decided to wear it, in place of a proper sparkley, until it broke. I was so sure it would all off while we were in the UK: it didn't. Then I was positive it would be gone by Christmas: Still there!
By this stage it was really starting to smell and look awful. (Originally it was white, by this stage it was a mucky looking gray)
Any way, a few minutes ago, we were playing bite-e games with Clara and she did one of her random grabs up at Mum (cos you know you have to bite the hand that feeds you) and her teeth got caught in and it broke (not before it tighten really tight around my finger and hurt like shit of course!)
It's a sad sad day.
P.S. Anyone got a spare sparkley Neil can buy off you?
dead hair tie ring

30 May, 2008


Once, quite a while ago, when Clara was a puppy, she tried her hand (or paw) at gardening. She obviously enjoyed it. When I cam home from work, my beloved pom-pom plant and the last remaining alive bits of my mondo grass were spread every where, along with a very puppy chewed pot plant container and whole whole lot of dirt. I just couldn't bring my self to yell at her, apart from the fact that it had happened hours before and would have been pointless. I could just imagine her grabbing the plant by the green bits, pulling it out and shacking the shit out of it in a satisfying shower of dirt!
Anyway, the point of this post is to say I have finally been brave enough to put the plants down at Clara level again and she seems to think that gardening isn't her thing any more, as she has left them alone for more than a week now.

27 May, 2008


So today I am at a training session, which is actually really good and I want to be here. I had to leave at 10am to go to Attwood to do a presentation, that I wasn't too keen on doing. About half way there, in a Taxi, I started feeling AWFUL, with the horrible 'girl' pain stuff. My head felt really fuzzy, my hands stopped working and went to pincers then my head started to get pins and needles. The poor taxi driver.
Anyway, I managed to pay, sort of sign my name on the cab charge and head into the building for the presntation. I was waiting to sign in when I decided I really eed to lye on the ground, I was sooo hot and in so much pain.
This poor lady, who was actually trying to sign out of the building and leave helped a work collegue take me out to the sick room. By this stage I could only just work and needed a lot of help to get off the ground.
I was literally dripping with sweat by this stage, I couldn't talk, think anything. Jo (who sits next to me) came in and helpped me while I was sick, then got all freezing and shivery. The was no blanket in the room and I was now freezing and shaking.
This was the worst lot ever.
Eventually I was able to eat a pain killer and I knew I would be fine. After half and hour or so, Jo and I got in a taxi to go home to my place. Jo couldn't believe that I was ok again. After I had a shower and we all had a sauage roll at home I decided to go back to the training. So here I am again, I feel pretty much normal, if a little tired, and I feel like I hardly missed a thing.
The FirstAider respoce out at Attwood DPI office left a little to be desired, very un responsive, and I tell you what, if I had been the first aider seeing me like that, I wouldn't have cared what I had said, I would have called an ambulance!
Note to self: Go to the doctor!

Testing from the iPhone

Can i get the note into anything useful? I am testing blogging from
the iPhone

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25 May, 2008



23 May, 2008

Useless day

I have just had the most useless day. 5-6 hours sitting around, in what was probable a very expensive room, having a very nice, but completely unnecessary lunch, listen to people crap on about shit that is complete irrelevant to me, whilst getting more and more bored! geees peoples, I mean why were we even invited? Our group has nothing to do with Ministerials, governance and boring shit like that, I can't believe it!
The final straw was the Director announcing that he doesn't want to read web pages, we wants the information in documents, who cares if that means re-doing work, re-inventing the wheel and generally having 30 people go through hoops just to satisfy he ridiculous 30 years behind the times fucking 'typing pool' attitude!

22 May, 2008

Top 5 Searches

Here is a list of the Top 5 Searches people made on Google to find my blog:
  1. bacon flavored bubbles
  2. bacon flavored bubbles for dogs
  3. scottish terrier 10 weeks
  4. australia long stitch
  5. scottish terrier

Really I just don't know what to say to this. I mean it could be worse, in fact it is for one blog I read, but how? why?
I think it is maybe best not to think on it too hard..........

16 May, 2008

last nights dinner

It took ages, was a bit plain, but we ate the whole lot (please note there were 3 of us, not two, so that means we are not complete pigs, only nearly)

15 May, 2008


Yay, lining up for a but of a Battlestar binge! Some tonight, the rest on Sunday!


I have just eaten a whole packet of yummy waterthins, classic cheddar evil bickie snack thingies. The are better for you than BBQ shapes, but not a lot.


Bassgettie is a meal of Italian origin, which consists of long thin pasta, tomato and meat sause with yummy things like herbs, mushroom etc with it. Yum

14 May, 2008


So, you might have noticed a reduction in the number of posts. I have been trying to think up why this is, I mean it certainly isn't because I have suddenly become busier at work! I have come up with two possible reasons.
  • Audience: It's not that I haven't always had an audience (Hello audience) it that my audience has increased lately to a point I wasn't really expecting. Every time I write something people, you know the real sort, the ones you actually see, talk to me, with like their mouths. It's freaky, and makes me self conscious.
  • Internet Stalking: As you know, I am an internet stalker. I look up my friends, and hunt for people I haven't seen in ages on the web. I read a number of blogs regularly, and am generally a complete internet nerd. (I hate not checking my mail 40 time a day). Recently I had occasion to experience this from the other side. Someone I hoped NEVER to heard from again found me. I am totally not surprised, I knew it would happen eventually, Facebook being what Facebook is, but I was still a bit shocked. I mean maybe that was mostly because this person is now so much more of a complete nut job than they were when I knew them, but still a bit shocked.

So the fact remains, something has knocked the edge of my blogging. The next thing is to decide what to do about it. Again, I have a few ideas:
  • Move my blog: Not really keen on this one, as my blog has been linked to in a number of places, and it would be a pain to change them all. Also, I like my name.
  • Give up for a bit, til people get sick of reading it: The I could come back to it in a few months, I would have next to no audience again, and I might be happy. But what if it all happens again?!?!?
  • Change the focus of my blog: Maybe retire the 'My head' tag, these posts had been going down anyway and it might be that I just need to resign myself to the grown and changing nature of me and simple focus on other things. I did, for quite awhile, find the 'My head' posts very therapeutic and helpful, and although I don't seem to be needing them just now, maybe I would be sorry later?!?!?
  • Get over it: say no more.
  • Move the 'My head' entries some where else: This is an idea worth considering, as I had already noted, the number of these as been going down, and I think in direct proportion to the growing audience. Also, I kind of got my self in trouble with these once already. And it would help if I need to payout on someone who also happened to be in my known audience (it all right everyone, this is a hypothetical statement (gees, see what I mean!!!))

Any way, probable a bit of thinking and planning to go, thoughts, as always, are welcome. Love yous all!!
Me :)

13 May, 2008


I have a cold and feel awful. Why can't I be better NOW

On the plus side, the Scottie website is looking great.

04 May, 2008

yummy, look what I made

I mean, Neil might have cooked the meat balls, but I made them and got everything ready :)
They were Yum too!

01 May, 2008

and thats the thanks I get

So it was really cold and rainy today, I didn't want to go to work at all, but I got dressed in all my wet weathers and went. I decided as it was such a yucky tad, to leave the girls inside. I took them out for a wee before I left, put their coats on them and left them all tucked up on the couch.
So what did I come home to you ask? Of course, a huge pile of really runny pooh on the kitchen floor, and a small sample of same in the bath room. Yay. I guess the only consolation was that at least it wasn't on the new rug. Thanks dogs. I know every now and then you like to remind me you are dogs, not little cute fuzzy humans, I will consider myself reminded.