31 December, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is Neil's Birthday. He decided to go for a ride. He rang a few minutes ago, from the other side of Marysville (~150km away) to say he has a broken fuel line. It is approximately 100degrees C today (ok, it's around 40, but thats really hot)

I have to go to the motor bike shop in sounthbank now to buy parts, see you later!

P.S., He's mad.

25 December, 2007


We, being my family, are not having Christmas this year. I'm feeling a bit ambivalent about that. The dogs don't seem to mind, they just love it when their people are at home.
Christmas with puppies

23 December, 2007


I have been making my summer princess, she's coming along nicely don't you think?
oooo pretty princess lady, partly finished
She has a lot of beads to go, but I have been reluctant to start the beads until I have all of them. I have been missing a packet. I went to Box Hill Spotlight today to find beads, I go quite a few, then rang the Malvern Spotlight, the nice lady even went and looked on the shelf for my (they didn't have the one packet I need for Summer)

I have given up, and I am buying them off the web. They are even a bit cheeper, even if I have to wait for ages :(

21 December, 2007

My dog is a hardened drinker

here she is at the pub (brewery actually), on a bar stool:
Clara on her bar stool
and looking at the bar.
Clara's view of the bar
She was a hit with everyone at the party!

Christmas cheer

We had our work christmas lunch at a local pub. I had forgotten to change my shoes before I left, so I worked down in my Motorcycle boots, this meant I was rather warm by the time I got there are the way was very humid. So I took my boots off. When we all went to the bar to order, I had this stoopied bar man come up to me and in the most awful condescending tone tell the that they could serve me until i put some shoes on. On I have no issue with putting shoes on, re: oh&s issues etc... But there is a WAY or asking this sort or stuff, and a tone to use, or in this case not use. I got soooo pissed (probable unreasonable but it was too late by then) I got someone else to order my food and decided not to order any drinks, even though the plan up til then was to get throughly sloshed. Fuck them for being as Grinch-ie as me for the christmas season!

Christmas Parties

Christmas time, a time of hanging out with family, and drunken work colleagues.
Well, the family bit isn't happening for my side of the family this year, due to stuff, but the work side is.
Last Thursday was the SV christmas party, which was fun, see my photos for evidence.
Last night was the NRMS/GHC drinkies, which I rode to on my motorcycle. Unfortunately, there was a distinctly Qld style down poor as I was riding there. I arrived VERY wet. I have decided that there is nothing more miserable than sitting on your motorcycle, in the traffic, not moving in the rain whilst wearing all your summer riding gear. I can't believe how wet I was, both inside and outside my riding gear.
Today is my group and works lunch. This should be good. I actually like the person I had to get a chris-kringle for, which helps. It's at the pub and no one plans on coming back to work. Then I go home on the tram/bus, to home for more drinkies and Neil's first go at smoked Kangaroo for tea!

10 December, 2007

I'm not creative.......

I sew and do craft. Many people think that because of this I am creative. I'm not. I simply follow the instructions (mostly any way). I notice today, that I haven't done a sewing post since September. I go through phases with my craft and sewing, you just can 't do it all the time (well I can't any way.)
To make up for this, I have decided to take some photos of some of my completed crafty projects to show you. (You: all the millions of people who look at my site. ie, practically no one...... sigh..... no one loves me :( .......)
Any way:
This is a wizard, I made him many moons ago, then discovered when I finished him that although he is great and had a lot of work go into him, I don't really want a shiny wizard on my wall that he taught me to put more thought into choosing patterns to sew up
I started these parrots in primary school, they are so old that I believe Santa might have given them to me. I finished them some time in uni, it might have even been uni the second time (start: 1988ish, finish circa 2000)
Calico Cats. I have a half dozen or so patterns from this lady, I love them. I have only sewn these two up though
The other white meat
Here fishy fishy
For a while I was regularly getting the Jill Oxten's Cross Stitch and Beading Mag (I stopped in the end cos there was too much beading in it) In it, she regularly had patterns I have dubbed "long things". I love them, cos I think they look really quite classy. I plan in sewing up the sea side and a pond/mountain like one, then it's like the desert (ie this one) to the sea. I'm not holding my breath either, given this one took ~2 years and I have started the 'princess project', see below.....
Australia long thing
This one was a present from a lovely lady I work with. Isn't he cute!
Mum got this for me in France, eventually it will become the pin cushion is is meant to be
pin cushion
These patterns come from a fantastic NZ Lady. My plan for these most lovely postcard sized thing-ies is to have 3 portrait and 3 landscape and mount them together (two frames, one in portrait one in landscape) It looks ace in my head, just take my word for it
man on a plate
dog taking a lady for a walk
Of the 5 or 6 cross stitch I bought in the UK (most of which had Scotties on them) this is the only one I have finished ;) I wonder why???
I made this a few years ago for my sister. I like it.... She better too, or if not, she better not tell me..... It was fun to make, especially the custom pages in the little book.
This is my current project. She is one of 4 'princess' I plan on making. This one is Summer. You can't tell yet, but she is covered in Gold thread (an absolute pain in the bot bot to sew with) and she will have tiny little beads all over her. She is sooooo lovely, you just wait till she has a face!
half made summer princess
(this photo is a bit crap, she want very flat when I took it.........)

Stolen, but still cool

Stolen from a Scottie club member (I hope she doesn't mind)

05 December, 2007

Clara v's K9

clara bitting K9's nose
I'm not sure who the winner is.........
Clara and K9
But they both have glowie eyes so maybe they will make friends in the end!

03 December, 2007


It's absolutely pissing down and has been for nearly an hour. Which is great, except that the bath room has started to leak :(
lots of heavy rain out the back door
I took about 10 photos of the leaking bath room roof, but they all looked crappy

01 December, 2007

I can't even complain

Oh No.. Tonight was the last night of Sideshow on the ABC. We have done our best to watch this show, and now it's ending!!!!. I want to complain, on a website somewhere, and I can't even find anywhere to complain, I'm devastated :(

What can I doooooooo????

Dog Show

Clara got a new ribbon today, in the Scottie show we went to. She came second, cos there was one other dog, but apart from being parked in and then having the car not start, we had a good day :)