28 June, 2009


Today I went to the National Gallery of Victoria (is it just me or does this name make no sense.) We went to the Persuasion: Fashion in the Age of Jane Austin. Very good afternoon out.

25 June, 2009


There are so many cool pointless things on the web, I just love it. Here is one I found curtsey of another blogger. Here is the cool, but slightly pointless thing I made (Now, for all the creative type, you may not think it's that pointless, I just find this sort of stuff hard to relate to, I'm trying ok?)If you would like to make one of your oen, feel free to visit here.

14 June, 2009

just like a bought one!

Look what we made!won tonsDon't they look just like bought ones??!?!?!? :)

12 June, 2009


I know it's:
  1. Melbourne
  2. Winter
  3. and I am meant to like the cold


it's freezing! I have the heater on, shoes and a jumper on, I'm inside and I am COLD, cold, cold! Man, I sound like an English person!

07 June, 2009

Upcomming posts

I have had the greatest idea: I'm going to do a series of posts on clipping Scotties! Louise Style of course (I don't know any other method). I am thinking:
  • Claws
  • Carrot shaped tail
  • Ears
  • Body
  • feet
  • may be head, that might be a bit hard
It's really handy then that at the moment Clara is a bit shaggy and has really long claws. However, I have just discovered how hard it is to take a photo of a dogs claw


don't be holding your breath!

06 June, 2009

Martin's farm

It took us way too long to actually get here, but the other day we took ourselves and Clara to Martin's farm. All concerned had a great time, particularlly Clara who slept the whole way home. I think we broke her :) Here is the nice fire we had whilst there:fire