30 December, 2009

The classic puppy shot

This is the classic shot of a puppy, asleep in his food bowl! Of course it's a little hard to tell in this photo, but I promise, he is dead to the world, I got a few photos of him in this position. I came back a few minutes later and he gave me the proof he was a sleep, as in the next photo, his eyes are clearly open!

28 December, 2009


My Christmas and birthday presents to Neil over the last couple of years have been some what lacking, in fact, some times lacking all together. I have felt bad about this, but it's my own fault, I simple have been lazy and not put in the effort to think of anything. This year I was determined to do better. With only slight assistance from the interweb, I had a plan. Surprises, 10 of them (there were going to be 12, but two of them were poorly thought out and had to be culled at the last minute). These surprises can in the form of little card, with a cryptic description of the surprise on them. So far Neil has claimed 4
  1. Compressed surprise: an air compressor, this had to be claimed on Christmas day, as Dad had bought it for me and that was the day he would be around to deliver it. It's also handy that Dad looks like Santa too
  2. Boring Surprise: Boxers, a boring but necessary surprise I'm afraid!
  3. Molly, Clara and the boys surprise: This is a present from the dogs, all 5 of them. It was a camping and holidaying with dogs book and a book on phodography!
  4. Comfortable surprise: was claimed this afternoon, on my recommendation, as Neil snuggled down on the couch for a snooze (which he is still participating in as we speak type)
The present here is the new cushions and 'throw rug' aka blankie
So, six surprises to go!

19 December, 2009


I was on the like tram the like other day, and there was like these two like teen aged like girls. I like just couldn't like believe the like way they were like speaking like! I thought I'd like transported like over to the set of like "Clueless" or like right something.
The odd thing was that these to girls weren't that young (had to be 18 ish) and didn't look all grotty, they good actually fairly intelligent, provided you didn't actually listed to them and how they were speaking. weird.

14 December, 2009


The cladding arrived today, eventually. There were some tiny issues (the poor delivery man left Horsham at 4am and didn't get to here until 4.30pm, cos he truck kept breaking, I felt awful for him, what a crap day.)
So tomorrow the house will start changing color from silver to white. Here is how the cladding looks now:

13 December, 2009

Puppies have moved house

No, they haven't gone to their new people yet! They have moved into the lounge room!
The very unattractive white cupboard/box thing on the left of the photo allows Clara to be able to jump in and out, whilst still trapping containing the puppies! The fence is attached with clips and little ring eye screw things, to the video shelf next to the window, and the cupboard/box thing in the fore ground. Aren't I a clever home handy person!

Busy Busy

Not only did the sewing get finished and handed in but almost all of the weather boards have been ripped off the house, the inside of the walls dusted, insulation installed and sisalation placed on the outside. Neil has done most of this work, and we are both still having to get up a 6am as, apparently, that is the time puppies wake up (more on the puppies later).
Here are some photos, both before and after.

10 December, 2009

Long time no puppy

No we haven't all died or anything! I have been back at work (bummer) and sew (he he he, joke there, notice?) busy with my sewing. It's all due TOMORROW! I'm not sure if it's all going to get done, which is of course why I am making a blog post and not sewing. hmmm
Anyway, the puppies are going really well. We are going to move them into the lounge room tonight. Which means for the first time in nearly two months, we will be able to sleep in the same bed, you know, at the same time. Wow. This afternoon I discovered an amazing thing about the puppies. You can put them on the rug, and they more or less stay there! They don't like walking on the shiny floor. So I don't really need to have the fence around them, at least while I'm home anyway. I'm sure this will only last a day or so, till their confidence gets up.
I promise some pictures and updated weights after my final sewing class tomorrow.

03 December, 2009

Another first

Tonight we tried the puppies on soaked cruchies. One puppy was sleeping at the time, so he wasn't too interested at the time, but both Red and Yellow did very well. Red just ate them right up, he ate 4. Yellow chewed them a bit before eating them, he ate 2. Here is Blue having a bit the other day.


Being back at work sux. Even if some of the time I am doing the work at home.