31 March, 2010

Note to self

do not try to move Neil's motorcycleAlthough it can make artistic broken glass photos, it does mean you have to spend a lot of time on the phone to the insurance company and time cleaning up glass, not to mention paying for the new glass.

23 March, 2010

The smaller the group

the worse the politics.........

20 March, 2010


Do you recon Milko bars go off?

Neither do I! I'm going to eat it! Even if it is from the Show in September last year!

Note: I search and searched on the interwebs for a page to link to about Milko bars and there is NOTHING OMG interwebs, you have let me down! :(

Note Note: it was yum and not off at all.

14 March, 2010

Lip cream

I think there are three sorts of lip cream.
  • The first is a sort that I never buy. It often comes in gimmicky packaging, can be colored or flavored and never actually does anything for dry sore lips.
  • The second sort is, I think, the most invidious of all. Usually, it looks like a very sensible useful product. When you put it on you feel relief. However! Some short time later the effect wears off, and you have to reapply the lip cream. Heaven help you of you are not in the position to reapply said lip cream, as you lips will continue to grow more and more anxious until you almost feel the need to remove them from you face, the irritation is so extreme! Hence this particular products main source of insidious-ness. It will 'addict' you lips to it, so you just have to keep using it and using it FOREVER!
  • The last sort is, of course, the only sort you should buy. It is the sort that works. You put it on, you feel relief, the end.
To add confusion to this story of lip cream, there are also three sorts of packaging for lip cream
  • Little pots, that you put your finger in and then wipe on your lips
  • Twisty ones: both the sort that work like lip stick and the sort that work like glue sticks with a post up the middle
  • lastly there are the tinny little tubes, that you squeeze a bit and carefully wipe the end of the tube on you lips to apply (danger danger)
The really confusing part about this is that the packing method is in NO WAY an indicator as to the usefulness of the product contained with in. I have 'good' lip cream in all three packaging types.

My advice (which you didn't ask for) is to find a good brand (either by trial and error or by recommendation by a friend) and STICK TOO IT! (well der!)

13 March, 2010

Finn's progress in Monbulk

Hi Neil and Louise

It's been a hectic time here with Ellie, JF and Helen and I haven't had much time to think about writing to you both.

Helen's having a bit of a day off today and is relaxing at home so I thought it would be a good idea to let you know how things are going.

I am very well and have settled into their routine. Ellie and I are very good friends and we spend a lot of time play fighting and chasing each other. We growl and moan whilst we are playing and Helen says sometimes it sounds like we're killing each other...

I sleep on a big cushion next to Ellie in the bedroom and I also sleep on Helen's fleece which she puts down on the floor next to the bed. I feel very warm and comfortable both there and on my cushion. I usually get a bit restless around 7.45 am and Helen always takes me outside and I obligingly do my toilette duties. I'm always ravenous in the morning and I generally have two chicken necks and some puppy dry food or puppy wet food.

Helen has decided that Ellie and I need to spend a bit of time apart so Helen takes Ellie out for walks in the morning and I stay with JF and accompany him to work and help him open the office, patrol the building and check all is in order. Helen says that I'm still too young to go on proper walks and I really don't like that silly lead she sometimes tries to put around my neck. Usually all three of us go to the park in the evening and Ellie and I run around and sometimes we meet and play with other dogs, or sometimes children. Ellie got into big trouble the other day at the park because she found some very smelly pooh and rubbed herself in it, all over. She smelled absolutely wonderful and I started licking her. Helen rushed us home and Ellie spent ten minutes in the shower. She didn't smell as good after that.

On Wednesday evenings Helen takes me to a puppy school in Mount Dandenong. there are three other puppies there and two teachers. So far we have learnt to sit, stay and drop - I'm not too keen on the "drop" but it's worth humouring Helen occasionally as she gives me treats and then I sort of drop to please her.

My teeth are still very sharp and I try to chew anything that I think looks chewable - chair legs, table legs and of course slippers or other leathery things. Helen buys us chews and Ellie and I usually have a dispute over those and growl at each other because she tries to take mine or I try to take hers.

Helen says she will send you some photos. Please say hello to my brothers and my mum.

Love and kisses,


Edit: We got an update the next day to say that Finn has also been added to the Nathania Springs Team webpage. Just scroll down to see Ellie and Finn at the bottom, their photo is on the right

10 March, 2010


So, this is what the puppies do all day....I think Clara had cottoned on to the fact that I was up and about. The boys hadn't though

04 March, 2010

News Flash

Conner has lost a K9! Puppy teeth are on their way out! Thank God! Come on adult teeth!