24 April, 2010

Less guarding

More sleepingToday is a bit over cast and grey, so this is how the guard dogs seem to plan on spending the day.
On Monday, I woke up with the head cold from hell. It was so bad, I didn't go to work until Thursday, in fact Thursday was the first day this week that I got dressed or left the house. I still don't feel exactly wonderful and I have the worst smokers cough, I sound like a 20 a day girl. You know the sort of cough, where you cough and cough and feel like to need to bring up a lung, and even then, after all that coughing, it doesn't help, you still feel like there is 'something' there. I have even left bad enough I have had Benadryl (not a useful link, sorry) That stuff is awful. I remember when I was little, it was kind of a dark red color and really, although it was hardly a nice drink, it really didn't taste that bad, for medicine, now however, it is clear and has a "great berry flavour" (sorry NOT true) it tastes like POISON! It has this awful chemical taste mixed in with the 'berry'. Not being a fan of either chemical taste or berry, you can imagine, I don't really find this stuff a joy to take. Mind you, the first two doses really did seem to be effective. Last nights? Not so much. Why would that happen to you think? Other than to give me the shits of course.......
Anyway, I have one thing on today, so until I have to go to that, I am planing on being very restful, like the dogs (who are now guarding again! (or at least two of them are)).

18 April, 2010

Clever me

I started the first of these booties well before the baby they are for was due. I only just finished them today, when we were due at a party where the baby will be present.... 2hrs ago! Oh well, they are cute and I'm sure the Mum will like them.

14 April, 2010


It's here. I have been waiting all day.bigger than I thoughtIt's even bigger than I thought! Clara is in the foreground for prospective

P.S. In case you were wondering, it's a stereo, with many many many many many speakers (12 I think)


Here are guard dogs in full swing. guarding Apparently the lady walking across the road was a dire threat.