26 February, 2008


So here I am in sunny Canberra (with Steve from work), doing this training course in ArcGIS Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis. I was expecting to be completely lost and have no idea what was going on, but so far, it's been quite good. I have followed everything, not asked really stupid questions and even had opinions.
Last night Steve and I went for a walk to Lake Burley Griffen and around the town. It was a lovely evening, here are some photos

View towards Parliament House

View across Lake Burley Griffin

24 February, 2008

Todays the day

So today is the day we all got and meet the 'new' family. I think I'm a fair bit nervous about this. I don't want to say the 'wrong' thing. Oh well, we'll see in a few hours....

22 February, 2008

boy dog

So I went this morning to visit the boy dog for Clara. (She is in season now) He is lovely. He's only young, so we might have to go with AI (artificial Insemination) which is a bit scary. I am taking Clara to the vet this afternoon to get her all checked out and to talk through options and things with my vet. Should be interesting.

21 February, 2008

grrrrr paypal

I'm sure I have made paypal account more than once. It never seems to let me log in again later on! and the bloody thing won't seem to send me an email so I can reset my sodding password!!!

18 February, 2008

The worst night

I had the worst night!
I was having a really odd dream, most of which I now can't remember, but the bit I can was about a weird crocodile, that was fairly small and covered in short yellow hair, like a Labrador, and heaps of sticky green slim. I was moving really slowly in a pond I was lying beside, then it came out of the water and opened it jaws, which were way bigger then it was, and came at me. It was at about this point I opened my eyes and the whole thing got worse.
There was someone standing beside the bed. They were shortish, and sort of leaning over a bit, like they were looking at me. I (quite understandable from my point of view) was slightly freaked out. I sat up and said 'Who are you?' and was disturbed to hear how odd my own voice sounded. I also turn the light on. There was know one there. I was quite shaken, I'm so positive there was someone there. Clara was happy I was awake and decided playing was a good idea, I looked at the time and it was 4am. As it had been a rather hot night, I'd had a number of doors and windows open, all of which I shut at this point. It took my quite some time to decide I could turn the light off.
Even after I did turn the light off, my brain was whizzing round. I then decided I had had a premonition. Something awful had happened and I should ring people, even though it was a quite awful hour. I didn't and eventually went back to sleep.
I did ring mum and dad in the morning, just to check they were ok. (they are by the way)
Ooooooooo, I hope that sort of thing doesn't happen again!

14 February, 2008


These are now a bit old, but I only just got them. The dogs at christmas at the Meyers' There are some great shots here :) Here is one

(poor molly never looks happy in photos....)

12 February, 2008

Generally pissed

I'm not feeling ace at the moment. I'm kind of generally pissed and a bit down. The is a fair bit going on, and I've had a few bad things happen, so it's kind of reasonable, but I hate feeling like this.
Shit things of the moment;
  • work is not making me happy (nothing new here)
  • got a knock back for job I had applied for
  • thought someone I knew had been offered a job I had been told I wasn't allowed to apply for (turned out to be false alarm, which was a big relief)
  • I am currently learning something new, and it's hard. I haven't done anything new for a while and it's a bit of a shock
  • Neil is away at the moment (well kind of away, but he's busy and doing lots of travel, then he's going to Tas)
  • I'm getting (more) depressed about being fat, I really hate that I'm obsessing over it
  • I got sunburnt on the weekend, and it's irritating
  • Mum picked on my spelling
  • I got upset by a flippant comment recently
  • The stupid dog judge reconed the scrappy westie was better than Clara
  • I'm sick of being tired

On the plus side, I like my new glasses, I have an Intimo party to go to, I met a dog from DogBook on the weekend and it's payday this week.

I must keep my 'chin up'

10 February, 2008

Black and White dog match

We have just come home from the Black and White dog match which is held every year at the Berwick Highland Games. There was an excellent turn out of Scotties this year. Including one I have met on Facebook, plus some of Clara's family and favorites from previous events.
I got a little sunburned, (god dam I always for get the sun cream,) and I let Neil control the photos, and he never takes enough, but here is a link to them anyway!

08 February, 2008

It's Launched

I have decided to do my own 101 things in 1001 days. So I have, of course, made a blog for it! Go forth and examine, at your leisure.

06 February, 2008


I know it means that they love me, but gees!! I was all tidy and now look at me
instantly dirty trousers
and also I pick up nt new glasses today too
me with my new glasses on, looking a bit silly

Sewing - things I have made

Here are some pics of two things I forgot to put on the long post on things I have made:
my advent Calendar
I made this advent Calendar a few years ago and took it to work, cos I figured I didn't want to eat all the chocolates, it would only make me fat. I got lots of different people to pick out days. It was fun, except for some pooh head stole the number 8. Now I have to make another one!


I was "cruzn'" the web yesterday and found this survey. So I filled it in this morning.....

The Year That Was 2007
age turned this year?:31
best memory?:UK holiday
worst memory?:Hating new job
did you stay in a relationship?:Yep
great people you met?:Velvet, Tracey, Danielle
longest road trip?:6 weeks in Scotland and England
best place visited?:Scotland - all of it (Except Inverness)
worst place visited?:Shefield
earned any new names?:nope
biggest challenge this year?:Paying for holiday
how many moving violations?:what the?
how many parking tickets did you get?:none (no car helps this!!)
how many subjects did you take?:none
what were your grades?:na
did you moon a cop?:no
new best friend?:no, bit of a grade 2 concept
person you wish you became closer to?:no
any awards?:no
did you sleep through your alarm?:almost everyday!!
did you lose or gain weight?:hoping for lose, realistically, gain
did you break any bones this year?:no
sports played?:ooooo yuk
what do you hope for 2008?:new job, puppies, more happiness
new love for food?:the vegetarian pie
kiss anyone?:yep
dance in the rain?:nope
have you change?:again, what the?
how was your birthday?:small, hmmmmm dalek cake
any snow this year?:no
did you lose any family members?:no, gained some though
did you disappoint anyone close?:hope not
did you sleep under the stars?:no
pretend to be happy?:a bit, but only at work
did you keep your new years resolution?:making them is just too much hard work
did you leave the country?:yayayay First Time :)
are you moving in the new year?:no
did you lose anything expensive?:no
learn anything new about yourself?:yes
found out who your true friends were?:no
made a change in your life?:yes, only buying a house
did you stay up til sunrise?:ooooo yes, BAD idea.....
do anything you regret?:no
go to any parties?:yep
make much money?:never enough
did you keep your job?:yep
did you attend a funeral?:no
gain any new family members?:yep, a whole family
get a new car?:no
develop any health problems:what more?? Don't i have enough already?
end up in hospital?:no
attend a concert?:no
travel out of state?:no
read any books?:Yes, heaps, mostly ones I had read before
sign up to facebook?:Yes
eat anything that you never had before?:Yes, tofu
did anyone develop feelings for you?:eh, who could be bothered
attend church?:no
favorite day of the year?:gees, it was a while ago you know!
least favourite day of the year?:see above
was 2007 a great year, an average year or a bad year?:Great, one might even say ACE!
Take this survey | Find more surveys
Bzoink - The Original Survey Site

05 February, 2008

The hurty dog and the clingy dog

Molly had to have a tooth out today. Apparently, since she woke up from the drugs, she sooked. I notice on the vets documents that he 'discharged' her at 11.30am. I picked her up at ~6pm. No wonder they were happy for her to go home!!! I could hear her at the front counter of the vets. Poor Molly.
Here is Molly's hurty paw from the drugs:

Clara on the other hand, had her first day at home by her self. She wasn't too happy when I got home either. She wouldn't let me out of her site! She had to sit on me all the time!! So for most of the night, which was fairly humid, I had two dogs sitting on me. Aren't I lucky. I should be more careful what I wish for, I 'd been thinking for ages (before Clara came on the scene) how crap it was that my dogs don't like sitting on me :)

04 February, 2008

101 in 1001

I have seen this idea on a few peoples blogs. Mainly here and here. I'm going to have a think and decide if I'm interested in doing this. What do you think?

My head

I haven't done a 'my head' post for quite some time. I have decided that I think its cos I know a lot more people are reading this now and I have gotten a bit shy. I'm gona have a bash now, mostly cos my head, the real one that live on my neck, is quite sore and I really can't be stuffed doing anything harder than typing just now.
Some things that have been happening that haven't made their way to here are:
  • My job hunting is going well-ish. I have two interviews this week, my old job to apply for and possible an 'interesting' discussion to have with a HR person who recons I can't apply for a particular job. I'm a bit pissed about that one, cos sooo much effort has to go into each application thats it's such a waste when they won't 'accept' one.
  • My current job is not going to badly at the moment (bar today of course, cos I just can't be stuffed cos I stayed up to late watching rubbish with a friend of mine. I have decided no more 'school night' parties). I have a weeks worth of training coming up in Canberra, hmm must organise flights and accom. I am about to organise some one to one training on VB, which I'm a bit keen on, as the 2-3 DB's I'm working on just now are needing some more skills than I presently have.
  • We have a family BBQ coming up with the side of the family I have never had anything to do with, because of some awful family stuff that happened before I was born. Quite looking forward to that.
  • Clara will be coming into season in the next month or so, and we should be having some puppies ~2 months after that. This is scaring the crap out of me for the min. But i have been assured this is a very normal way of feeling, and everything will work out fine.
  • Molly is going to the Vet tomorrow to have a mankie tooth removed. Hopefully she'll come out of that just fine and have nicer smelling breath by the end of it!
  • The Year 12 reunion thing that happened a while ago was good, and it has meant that I have had to tell/type a number of people about my life as it has been since yr12. This has been quite good as it has meant that I have come to realise, that no matter how much I bitch about stuff sometimes, I am actually quite happy and things are really going very well. Isn't that ACE?

02 February, 2008

Such Exciting News - tragedy resolved

One of the most clever people, who are motioned in the post below, was kind enough to forward me the pattern for the Cloak for me to add to me winter lady. I'm soooo happy!!! Now all I need to do is all the work sewing her up! Better get on to Summer and finish here first!