29 October, 2008


We had some lovely guests last night for dinner, thanks guys for coming. We had Mexican, beer and chatting for tea. It was great!
And here is the dinner, which despite what it may or may not look like, was delicious!

24 October, 2008


I just saw someone eating nachos. I want some. Yum!

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23 October, 2008

The most disgusting thing I have ever heard of

Watching TV last night (Spicks and Specks) they was an American guest from the deep south (Kaky or something) who told every one about the most disgusting, possible in the universe. It's a Turducken.
Never heard of it? Neither had I and god I wish I never had. What it is is a Turkey, with a Duck INSIDE it, with a Chicken INSIDE that! Hence: Tur-duc-ken
Yuk, GOD, no wonder I don't eat poultry. And I am NOT going to include a picture

19 October, 2008

I found this

I am sooo sick of the bloody American election, I mean it's not like there is anything we can do about it, and most of that stupied country dosn't even vote, so I really like this web site: If the world could vote Now go there, read, vote what ever....

18 October, 2008


The other day I had an epiphany. Ok, so that may be somewhat of an exaggeration. But it was still a really good idea.

13 October, 2008

Books vs Movies

Many is the time I can recall saying "Yeah but the book was heaps better". Only once can I recall saying "Man that book sucked, give me the movie any day" (That was about Bridget Jones)
Last night we watch the Golden Compass. We both enjoyed it immensely, until the last scene, when we were both saying "Oh No! where is the rest?" I kind of get a bit pissed with films that appear to be simply a vehicle for the next film. But even with the slight sour note at the end, I loved this film, the whole world it created was excellent. It had the common American film issue of explaining all the magic, but not in too offensive a manor. It was very pretty, I didn't feel the effect were too 'in your face' and I like the people. Now I'm off to find the book so well have to see how it compares. I have had it on good authority that the book is good.

P.S. I found this:

It was meant to link to the web site, but it was all broken :(

10 October, 2008

Back in the saddle again

So, ages ago, I was eating Lite n Easy, partly cos it lite, partly cos it's easy. That all went to the dogs when Neil moved in, cos why would you eat boring food from the microwave when Neil cooks yummy real food? Well, it turns out that you eat it, cos if you don't you end up weighting something like 20 or 30 kg more than you should (according to the oh so wise weight chart.)
So, I'm back onto it again. It's nearly the end of...... the first day, and I'm holding up ok. A bit hungry. I'm currently waiting for neil to come home from the brewery, with pizza (didn't know they had a website til just now!), which I won't be having any of. If I can do 6 weeks, I'll be happy, 12-20 would be better. Wish me luck!

01 October, 2008

magical Facebook

what a wonderful and magical place facebook is. The are so many amazing and clever things there. I only found this particular thing my copying someone else, but that's ok. So now, you have to do what I did, follow this link, and add more stuff to your own facebook profile!

Hair dresser

Ok, so I'm lazy. I haven't been to a hair dresser for about 10 years (Also, I'm a tight arse, when hair cuts started costing $40+ I decided I didn't need them). Any way, I was watching Legally Blond the other and noticing how nice Reese's hair was and I started thinking: "Maybe I should go blonde" Now, for those of you who know me, you may now be wondering if perhaps my brain had slid quietly out one of my ears. It's hasn't, it ok.
I made it to a hair dresser yesterday and after mentioning the henna in my hair, the blonde idea was dismissed, I was beginning to loose my nerve by this stage anyway, so no real surprises there. We (the hair dresser and I) looked at all the colors and I ended up saying stuff like "what ever you think is best is fine." Yes, that's right, danger!
So, hair dye, it's really stinky and cold. The lady kept bagging henna, but I like the smell, and at least it's warm (at the start anyway)! On the plus side, it only stays on your head for 30 mins, not 4 to 6 hours.
I now have a 'layered' head, which I was a bit nervous about. There is WAY less hair. Everyone keeps telling me it's looks great, and I'm not sure weather to believe them, cos people always say that! Here is the color:

So unlike a poor young lady on a blog I regularly read, I think I'm fairly happy with it.

Note: You will notice the label for this post is 'my head' and it is, literally ;)

Camera update

I completely forgot to give you guys an update on the Camera Saga. So as you know, the camera went to the Camera Vet quite some time ago. Eventually a man rang to say it was ready to pick up. When we got there, it was a whole new camera, still black, but not my camera, not my camera that had travelled with me all over the UK. I was really a bit sad about that :(.
Anyway, when I got the new camera home, it turned out that it really wasn't as good as my old one, cos even though it had more mega pixels, it had less zoom, a crappier lens and just generally wasn't as good. So I rang the Camera Vet and chatted to a lady and she said, "Yeah that's a really pox-y camera, I'll organise a better one for you" Which she duly did (Note: Thank god for buying the extended warranty).
So I went down to pick up the new new camera, and I'm really happy with it. It has the same quality lens, the same amount of zoom, but it's WAY faster than the old camera. So while I'm still quite sad about the old camera, the well travelled one, but the new camera is nice. Yay :)
Here is a photo of my nice new new camera.

P.S. Always buy the extended warranty!