26 October, 2007

I hate foxtel

The man of ethnic origin can round the other day to offer us free connection, free one month trial and no contract to foxtel. We said yes, just in case any of Telstra's delivery partners ever come up with a good deal to deliver cable internet using that infrastructure. Anyway, the man and I decided that today would be a good day for installation. So (not only to make the dalek) I have taken the day off to wait for him "between 12 and 5pm" (what a helpful time bracket).
Anyway, at 2.30pm I ring, cos I haven't heard anything and no one has turned up. The man on the other end of the phone helpfully informs me that I am booked in for Saturday the 3rd of November, with a tone that clearly says "You've forgotten you stupid cow". I inform him that "thats very nice, I have taken the whole day off work and it would have been good for someone to tell me it wasn't the day I had signed on my agreement!" He was eventually grudgingly apologetic. I wasn't at all impressed.
People Suck.........

It's my birthday (nearly)

Yay, finally, I get to make my Dalek Birthday cake. So I have wagged work today to get it all ready. I cooked the cakes last night and put it all together this morning. It's a bit wonkie here and there and if you look at it in the wrong way, it looks more like a man than a Dalek, but I'm fairly happy with the overall result.
My dalek cake
The finished product!
Me and my cake
Triumphant, at the pub
what was left after 10 mins...
10 minutes later :)

21 October, 2007


Look familiar?
Vegie pie the second
Well is should!! Neil has again pulled off a most successful vegetarian pie. Delicious!!

And here is the desert, he's really pulling out all the stops!!
yummy fruity deserts

Lure racing and Earth dog day!!

I have been looking forward to this event since we got back from OS. This is the Scottie Clubs annual fun day, and it sure was!! Here are a few Highlights and I have put the rest of the photos on to Picasa, so have a look!! Now!

20 October, 2007


No not mine! But a friend from work. It was a good party and good to see people from work out side their normal 'zone'. As the dress code was 'cocktail', this caused a few dramas for the both of us, as to what we would actually where, but I remembered I have a cocktails dress which I hardly ever where, and that god actually fits me, so that was me sorted, then the kilt came to the rescue for Neil.

17 October, 2007


Somewhere out there I have a heap of family I don't really know about. I'm not really sure what to do about finding them. I don't think I really know enough to find them. I am getting increasingly pissed about the fact that:
  • I feel like I should/need to find them
  • I have only enough info to know about them but not find them
  • I haven't really got anyone to ask
  • I can't solve this one!
I'm really not sure what to do..... any ideas?

01 October, 2007

First aid course

It's nice when you go to something that your completely not looking forward to and then you find the people on it are really nice, and you end up having a fun time. That was my day today on a first aid course re-fresher.