21 September, 2010

'stuff' is over, holiday roll on

So, The Club Champ show is done, the Royal Melbourne show is done and now all I have to think about is my OWN holiday! Yay! We leave tomorrow, I haven't packed, half my dogs are missing (they are with Dad), I still have to clean the house for the house sitter who is looking after the other two dogs and I really think I am coming down with something. Oh well. For the next little while I can be found over here: My Travels

12 September, 2010

Oh No...

We are getting new neighbours next door. This is fine, the man and his son, who I met today seem really nice. However... they have dogs, big ones, and there is only a small chicken wire fence between the two houses at the moment. We are departing the country in T - 11 days and I really don't have time to organise a fence during that time, what with organising a lunch for 70-80 people, working, having an international guest and trying to get my dog ready to go to the Royal Melbourne Show. ArrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggHHHHHHHHHHHHHH can't things just stop of 5 seconds!

04 September, 2010

Keeping Scotties out the way

I have finally found a way to keep the scotties tidy and out of the way! So far this morning they have been 'helping' me tidy the front room. In there I found place to keep them, all neat and tidy! Here we have Conner, Clara and Guthrie.

Long time, no blog.....

Hi any random people who happen to visit my blog, cos god know no one regular must visit as it's been about a million years (aka a month) since I have posted anything....
but gees, I have been really busy ok?
We are going OS for a 6 week break in less than 3 weeks! This will be great, once we get there, until then it's tidy, organise, tidy, panic, tidy, worry, you know the deal.
The main issue has been what to do with the dogs. Usually I'd ask (really nicely) for my Mum to look after them, but as she is coming on the holiday with us, for part of the time, this doesn't really work. I could ask Dad, but frankly, I think looking after 4 dogs is a bit much for him especially with with Molly's drug and the boys generally being puppies and a bit fast for him. We looked into kennels and even for two of them it would cost multiple THOUSANDS for the time we are away, and I didn't trust any of them with Molly's drugs either. Michelle, one of the lovely Scottie Club members, recommended a lovely house sized kennel, who only ever take 2 or three dogs, unfortunately they already had some dogs and couldn't fit mine in. Last time we asked Scott to mind them, how ever he is also away for most of the time we are away. What to do?!?!?
Eva, has come to our rescue to mind the girls, which is fantastic, as I do trust Eva with Molly's dogs and general care (I know Clara would be fine anywhere). I was just starting to find a kennel to book the boys into when I had a brainwave about looking into a house sitter. I was about to chat with a friend at work who has done a bit of house sitting before, but doesn't personally like dogs, if she could recommend anyone to approach, when I just did a little search on the web. There are quite a few sites out there (we chose this one) set up for us this sort of thing! Almost all the listings are people with dogs that want them minded. The whole process was completely easy, I put an add up, all up we got 8 or 9 applications, we meet two lots of people and chose a guy to mind the boys. I have had to make 'house instructions' and of course we have to tidy, alot. but all up I think this will be a great solution.
Anyway, onto the reason for this post. In the spirit of sorting shit out prior to our holiday, I really needed to get to a Doctor, to have this spot that appeared on my face months ago, looked at. I went to the GP first, who decided I needed to go to a specialist. The first one she referred me to had no appointments til mid October, so she suggested another who, who was in the same bag, but they had a cancellation for yesterday, so I went along. The nice (expensive) plastic surgeon man took a tiny biopsy, and I now look like this:Pretty isn't it. He reckons I should leave this on all weekend, just to be on the safe side, even though it was only a 1 mm biopsy. I mean I will, of course, as I want to minimise the chances of looking like a scared freak. Not that I'm prone to over exaggeration or anything.
Anyway, better go as we have heaps of things to do, because we also have the judge for the Scottie Clubs 60th show coming to stay next week and I have to get everything set and tidy by then, including setting up a room for her! I have ordered a curtain rail, I need to get the furniture set, and get a new quilt (which admittedly we need anyway). Then there is the bath room. It's just embarrassingly bad. I don't think I will even be able to bring myself to do before and after shots.