27 January, 2012

Water restrictions are off

So I might have had a bit of a height advantage, but I promise I was as wet as the other two (Felix started off with the hose, that was a mistake)

26 January, 2012


We had to drive to the Burnley DSE depot today. We were nearly there when we say a tiny possum in the middle of the road, being dive at by indian minors (got I hate those birds) The car in front of us nearly ran over it doing an illegal U turn, but we pulled over and grabbed the blanket out of the back of the car. I picked it up. I was a ring tail, but I surprised how tiny and light it was. I took it off to the edge of the road. I was awake and didn't seem to have any injuries. We offered it it a bit of water, but it didn't seem interested. I think it might have been 'clipped' but a car or fallen from a tree and was a bit daised like birds get when they fly into a window. Any we, we left it in the shade where it was quite hidden away and hopefully it will have been ok. If it was in a really bad way and going to die, it was still better off where we left it, rather than in the middle of the road, where it was only a matter of time before it was run over. So that was my wildlife experience of the day.

09 January, 2012

06 January, 2012

Christmas Animation

I made this animation for my/Neil's nephews. I had gotten them some vouchers which are for a cool thing, but the vouchers themselves are ugly and don't explain what they are for very well.

Anyway, I made a nice card for the boys to open on Boxing Day with the url written on it. After a tiny argument about the best method to access said url, they both watched it. I must admit the reaction was not as ecstatic as I would have liked, but they are only 10 and 8, so it's a little hard to compete with slim at that age (that was definitely the favored present of the day) Anyway, I'm sure they will love the session once they go, and I'm looking forward to seeing the film they make. Their mum says were will be a premier!! Will be fun :)