26 December, 2010

No Camera

Twice today I really wished I had my camera. We went up to Beaufort to visit with my parents and I didn't think I'd miss it, I mean: Car trip, boring!
The first stop was for a cache (surprise surprise) up the hill behind Kryal Castle (I've always wanted to go to that!) I walked in, logged the cache, no worries, I got back to the car and my pants (trousers for you folks from the UK) and from the knees down I was covered in little burr/seed pod things! It was amazing, and kind of annoying, cos I needed to pick them all off before we could get back in the car. I didn't want to become a weed vector after all!
After having lunch with Mum and Dad, hanging out for a while, doing a cache with Mum, taking Clara for a swim in the dam etc, we headed back home. There was one other cache (a travel bug motel) I wanted to go past, cos I heard it was secured with a padlock that you need a combo for, how cool is that? Anyway, we drove into Ballarat, found the cache, entered the combo, opened the door and WOW! The cache was all set up like a dolls house, with furniture and things and little rooms, with their own doors and numbers for the travel bugs to stay in while they are at the motel. This is the best put together cache I have ever seen, just an amazing amount of work has gone into it. I have someone sending me a photo to show you, it is too cool!

19 December, 2010


I'm not a big fan of posts that are notihng but a link, but I love this guys games and I think you should go and play them


12 December, 2010


I am so bad at doing nothing. Neil is at the steam club. I could go out caching but then I'd be doing something, and I have it under good authority, that I am very stressed and need to spend sometime doing nothing. That's easy for them to say. Doing nothing sucks. Today so far, whilst doing nothing, I have been to the brand new shiny Spotlite that has appeared near Northland Norflans, been to the JB round the corner (spent money), sorted out meeting the new people for Sparky (a Scottie I have been helping to re-home after his elderly owner died), spent far too much time playing Farmville (for those of you who don't know what this is I have two things to say: a) Have you been living in a cardboard box? and b) Don't start playing), eaten food, read some more of Anne of Green Gables (Man that's a good book, why didn't I re-read it years ago. There is one really good thing about having a memory as shit as mine. For me re-reading books is like completely re-discovering them, I might as well have never read them before. I mean technically it has been over 20 years since I read this the last time, but seriously it's way better then I remembered. Note to self, buy the movie!) and though up about 1000 things I could do, but all of them would count as 'doing something'. Seriously people, how are you really supposed to do nothing?
P.S. If anyone else is bored, ring me, we can do something.

07 December, 2010


Look what I got!!