27 July, 2007

Holiday underway

and we're off...... The plane flight was AWFUL, it took sooooo long I hated it. We met up with Jacki with a minimum of fuss and have been haivng a great time. :)

23 July, 2007

phone message

it wasn't exciting. It was the dentist to remind me about my appointment. bummer

Getting sick

It only 2 days to my holiday and I am getting sick, I have been trying to deny it, but it's not working. I'm tired, my throat hurts, I'm sick of pointless meetings, we haven't packed, the internet is getting boring (although face book is keeping me entertained) we are out of food at home, the place is a mess, the puppy jumped on Neil's head last night (actually thats really funny and still making me smile :)). ooooo the light is on on my phone, maybe someone interesting rang!! I promise to be more excited in my next post.

21 July, 2007


I was browsing the web looking for a Scottie event that we can go to in England next month. I didn't have any luck on an event, but I did find and interesting site called Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme, which was a bit sad, because of peoples stories about Scotties that needed rescuing, and also really positive, because of the stories of Scotties that had been rescues and were now happy.
Go and have a look! :)
P.S. Here is Clara:

16 July, 2007

Must stop drinking

I have now had two completely blotto weekends in a row. It's very bad and I must stop it. Don't get me wrong, I have had a most fantastic time, at the time, but the headache, feeling sick and general alcoholic poisoning that follows just can't be good for me. So what I need to do is work out how to have the same sort of fun time, with half or less the amount of alcohol. Any ideas would be most appreciated!

12 July, 2007

new desk

I'm over the move now and much calmer. I have hit government bureaucracy head on this week and it's really not going down too well. I hate crying at work. But at least I know I'm going forward in my own personal development. I'm not pissed at the person this time. I'm pissed at the process and the stoopied decisions that get made.

09 July, 2007

Moving Desks at work

What a crock. I have moved about three desks horizontally, and one floor vertically, and this new place sucks, my bin is missing, I have a new neighbor, I hate change, my meeting is running late, I'm hungry, my back hurts and I want to go home. Also, I hate Mondays. Oh well, at least the week can only improve.

Do you think there is actually a diagnosable condition thats all about only making blog entries when you want to have a bitch about something?

06 July, 2007


There have been a number of my friends that have recently decided to have children. This has meant I have been busy sewing bootees. It quite fun really as they are quite quick to knit. This is the pair I like the best so far.


02 July, 2007


I made this great vest.

It's sooooo comfy. It seems to have a bit of an issue with the buttons not being as secure as I'd like, but other than that it's GREAT.

01 July, 2007

Shed cleaning

We got a skip.
We cleaned the Shed, inside

and out

Tiring, but I'm glad its done! :)