30 September, 2007


I forgot to take a picture before we cut it, but here is tonights excellent creation by Neil:

The story behind this on is that when we were in England, we went to a organic restaurant, some thing we would have never done here, it's just that we were in need of some fresh food. We ordered a vegetarian pie. Even though it had spinach in it, we loved it and drew a picture of it (side on construction diagram type picture) so we could make one when we got home.
The general opinion is that it was a great success. :)


So here's me having a busy day, finally catching up with the last of the posts to the travel blogs from our holiday, Neil's also having a busy day at the Steam Club, fixing some pump thing, and look at these two dogs:

Are they helping? No! are they doing any thing? No (unless you actually count sleeping on the couch as doing something) Geeessss

23 September, 2007

Wilderness (sort of)

I think it's a bit of a push to call Sherbrook Forest in the Dandenongs a wilderness, but despite the joggers, kids, tourist buses and the gentle calls of Lyrebirds imitating cars, it was peaceful and there were trees etc. so it was a pleasant way yo spend a morning. I have never bushwalked with a pusha before.

As I had strain my hip a bit during the mornings activities, I decided I wasn't up to the afternoon walk. The rest of the group decided that the pub sounded way to tempting for lunch, so we decanted there:
As you can see, it was a struggle!

Next bushwalk must be to somewhere I can take the dogs

22 September, 2007

Scotties on show

Today was the Scottie Clubs annual championship show, which Clara wasn't being shown at, cos we were away when you had to register :(
Any way it was fun, but the light was awful so the photos turned out crap. I spoke with lots of people (OK 2 lots of people) who want Scotties and convinced then that it a really great idea. I also chatted to a nice family, that last year didn't have a Scottie, but this year they do. She's 5 months old, a little barrel and called Molly. She had no issues with me carrying her around for ages at a time! Very cute, maybe i need another one?

"Don't you know Scotties need their own chairs?" Clara defiantly needs a hair cut!

19 September, 2007

Arrrrrrr - Pirate day

Our turn out wasn't as good as last year, bit we had a great day. We even got an article in the departmental newsletter the next day. Here are some pics of our antics:

16 September, 2007


It been a busy last little while, making sure that Richard's coat will be ready for pirate day. He will have a lot of button sewing to do, but things are looking like they will run to schedule!

15 September, 2007


Jack Jack requested my presence at a Claymore gig (Claymore=Jack's favorite band, cos it has bagpipes in it). A few beers and some fun later, and I was drunk, for a change:

14 September, 2007

International Talk Like a Pirate day

a hoy

soon it is International Talk Like a Pirate day. Make sure you have you pirate voice and optional costume all ready and in order for the 19th of September.


13 September, 2007

Is it just me?

or does this look like a brain in a cage?

12 September, 2007

Kilt and sewing projects

How exciting, Neil's kilt arrived in the mail today!! He hasn't put it on yet, so no photo, but it looks great!

I have a bit of a sewing week coming up as it's Talk like a pirate day next Wednesday, and I am going to make a friend a pirate coat!

11 September, 2007


He's done it again, made me yummy yummy dinner

This time it is Vietnamese satay soup

07 September, 2007

I'm back

My holiday is over and we're back. It was great, but I'm so glad to be home. The dogs boths talked to me when I got home, which was great. Today we have spent the day doing washing, which was boring, but necessary. We have looked at all the prezzies we brought whilst we were way, yayay nice things! Now we have the weekend off and back to work on Monday, bummer.