13 August, 2011

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Shiny new

Following my mothers excelent example, I have gone out and bought myself something shiny and new. Not a mini laptop in this case, but a new camera, which if I do say so myself, I sorely needed. My ye olde Olymipus ยต camera really hasn't been up to scratch for a while and I haven't liked the photos it has been producing for a while (The link is to a similar one, I think mine is even older).
So today we went off to have lunch, across the road from the Digital Camera Warehouse and I bought one of these:

It's one of these. To , I went in to get one of these, but in the end, the camera I got takes better photos in low light, and that's what I have been least happy with on my current camera, so I decided that even though it's a bit larger than I was thinking, I think I will be very happy with it.

Also in news from our house, on Tuesday, the electricians came back and did the last of the work, except the spiffy light switches, which I have to ring them about. The kitchen looks amazing!