31 October, 2013

What hideous shoes

Spotted on the bus

Does this make me an awful person? He he he

23 October, 2013

I want these!!

I will have to make some
Stolen from Facebook

20 October, 2013

I love my BBQ

I think it's one of the best things I have ever bought

14 October, 2013

Big Day Out - The Report

So 'the Plan' didn't go exactly to plan, but still a great day out was had by all.
We started out with a long drive to the Side of Mt Baw Baw (only one 2km detour in the wrong direction) then a long uphill walk to the first cache on the program.  We had a bit of a "RTFM" issue, but after we sorted that it was full steam ahead, with the target cache, a traditional and an EarthCache in the bag all for the sake of 125m altitude change (doesn't sound like much, but you walk it!!)
Yep, it's a rock

Cool beetle - we called him Ringo

-nirgal- on a rock

That famous track

We (-nirgal-, SirJ-Oz and I) had a snack and piled back into the car and drove to Sale, for the second voyage of the floating bathtub.  Lucky the cache in question wasn't too far from shore, that's all I will say.
The 'Floating Bathtub'

Last official stop of 'the plan' for the day was Lakes Entrance.  We arrived here around 7pm.  Ooops.  The first 4 puzzles that needed to be solved to collect the final were solved and ready to be picked up.
-nirgal- and me... it was getting dark fast
We managed the first two in daylight, then it was time to employ the torches.  Despite one of the caches missing it's clue, we were able to collect the prize and then get some dinner and start the journey home.  We started this at around 10pm and made it to the first persons house to drop off around 4am.  Yes we stopped for a few (ok 10) caches on the way home.

11 October, 2013

Big Day Out!

This is the plan for Saturday:

We'll have to see how it goes!! I'll report back on Sunday...

Fire Services Museum

It might have taken me 9 years, but today we finally got to the Fire Services Museum, which is just around the corner from work. When we moved into the 8 Nicholson Street building, we decided it would be nice to nip out for a lunchtime adventure to the Fire Services Museum. Hmmm it took me a while, but today we got there. It was quite good. Here are some photos.
A battery
A painting
Me with a fire engine
Me in the old control center
The main clock

07 October, 2013