19 March, 2007

Big Mouth

or in this case, it was fingers. I am playing the pirate game and I think I have just made a boo boo. I do this all the time. Some one will tell me something, that I think everyone, esp the person it's about, knows. Then I go and talk to the person about it and discover they didn't know. oops

At least I haven't made that sort of mistake in real life for a while.......... oh wait yes I have, last time I was completely rat arsed, the evening before the hangover at the start of this blog. In my cheery drunken way I mentioned that this bloke seemed as 'camp as a row of tents'. The lady in question was/is his girl friend, so I thought it must be really obvious to her, but apparently not. oops. One day I will learn tact, but not today. Better luck tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day!

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