04 March, 2007


Oh dear. No puppy school for a couple of weeks now! Clara is in season again. But it does mean that I will be able to do more 'work from home', because as she has to be kept inside from the next month(!!!) or so, I will leave late and come home early and do bits of work at home before and after going in. I don't like to leave the dogs inside for too many more hours a day than is totally necessary.

Other than that, today has been fairly productive on the sewing front. The jacket is coming together nicely. I bought buttons for it yesterday, they were really expensive ($2 each) but they have cool dragons on them. I got normally material for the lining, rather than actual lining, cos it feels much nicer.

Mum is down visiting at the moment, which is great she is helping with my coat, but can also be a bit of a trail.

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