11 March, 2007


Today was my friend's Heather and Myles (now Tauchert)'s wedding. I haven't really been to a wedding before this one and I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had my dress already, with hardly any last minute sewing. My hair was a bit of a challenge, what with last minute henna and trying to get it too look like Captain Janeway from the first season of Voyager. So we arrived, Neil's Jag was being one of the wedding cars and we had it decked out with white ribbons. I found some people I knew, and we all stood around and waited for the bride. Being Heather and a bride, of course, she was a bit late. I heard a bit of a rumour that there was last minute sewing (completely UN-surprising.)

So Heather walked down the aisle, on the arm of her father, George. They both looked fantastic. I know Heather and George had been working on her dress for best part of 12 months. There was only a minimum of shaky hands on both the bride and the grooms behalf, I personally didn't see it. When the celebrant started the ceremony I really did think the whole thing was rather wankie, but I warmed to her and by the end after all the vows and readings and poems had been read it was really quite nice and personal. Heather and Myles then relaxed a lot and it was really clear how happy they were.

Many pictures later we had all jumped into cars and moved onto the venue for the reception. After some more standing around, the food arrived, which was STUNNINGLY good. There were speeches (best man's: Fantastic; Bride maid's: bitter as hell; everyone else's: good), there was cake (amazing, made by Myles' cousin), there were Heather's amusing relations from the UK and Myles' odd muso friends. I was having an in-odorant amount of issues with my contact lenses and was extremely tired. As we were staying on site, I went to bed rather early. But a good event all round.

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