01 May, 2007

All day teleconference

who invented this idea? It awful, not to mention boring. The topic sucks, which doesn’t help the interest factor! What to do? Make blog entries of course!!
I have not a fantastic time of late, there have been a few dramas with my sister following my rant post. I probable deserved this, but hopefully things are sorted now. We'll see. I am now fairly tempted to move my site so noone knows where it is again so I can say what I like. I am now feeling quite paranoid about human interaction. I might save further posts on this topic.
Work is going well, getting busier and busier, which is great. Neil found this great site which I want to share with all scottie lovers (ie everyone, how can you not love a scottie?) and also this one which I think I am going to run up quite a bill with.

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