26 May, 2007

Cat excitment

A few weeks ago, my cat (Justin) stayed out all night, something he's not really allowed to do. He hmmmmm..... got the shit beaten out of him. We had to take him to the vet and spend a lot of money on him so he could have a lovely drain put in and spend a fortnight in cat hat. I decided that he would then be a permanently inside cat, cos I didn't want to spend any more money on the little bugger. This has been a bit of a trial, with Justin either whinging at the door, or trying to escape every time the door is open. This morning, he snuck out. An hour or so later, we were just starting to wonder where he was when we heard 'singing' coming from under the house. We got the cat crunchies, the torch and the water pistol and went cat hunting. There where two of them, under the house having a stand off. Neil decided to go under the house and get our cat. After a while of him crawling around, I suggested getting Clara (my Scottie) to help sort out the impasse.
Well, that was fun, Clara went straight to Neil, noticed Justin and sniffed him, then noticed the other cat, then it was on! She ran at him and bailed him up under the house, he had a got at her, and made contact with her nose. Then she was pissed!!
At this stage Neil and I managed to persuaded Clara to leave the cat alone and I took her inside, the other cat ran off, Neil grab Justin my the scruff and he was unceremoniously dragged out from under the house. All this for only the loss of a few drops of blood. Could have been WAY worse, poor Justin, he's a lover not a fighter.

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