26 October, 2007

I hate foxtel

The man of ethnic origin can round the other day to offer us free connection, free one month trial and no contract to foxtel. We said yes, just in case any of Telstra's delivery partners ever come up with a good deal to deliver cable internet using that infrastructure. Anyway, the man and I decided that today would be a good day for installation. So (not only to make the dalek) I have taken the day off to wait for him "between 12 and 5pm" (what a helpful time bracket).
Anyway, at 2.30pm I ring, cos I haven't heard anything and no one has turned up. The man on the other end of the phone helpfully informs me that I am booked in for Saturday the 3rd of November, with a tone that clearly says "You've forgotten you stupid cow". I inform him that "thats very nice, I have taken the whole day off work and it would have been good for someone to tell me it wasn't the day I had signed on my agreement!" He was eventually grudgingly apologetic. I wasn't at all impressed.
People Suck.........


beesknees said...

I'm betting this wont be the last time you'll have complaints about how crap the 'service' from foxtel is

Brad said...

I agree I got rid of Foxtel and went with Select TV remember Telsra owns 51% of Foxtel this is one of the reasons they are so bad atleast Select TV has nothing to do with either one of them only if everyone would stand up and say something what a poor and expensive service Telstra is and change to Select then they might get the hunt we are not going to pay there prices and cop there crap