17 October, 2007


Somewhere out there I have a heap of family I don't really know about. I'm not really sure what to do about finding them. I don't think I really know enough to find them. I am getting increasingly pissed about the fact that:
  • I feel like I should/need to find them
  • I have only enough info to know about them but not find them
  • I haven't really got anyone to ask
  • I can't solve this one!
I'm really not sure what to do..... any ideas?

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beesknees said...

I'm guessing this is not something you can ask your mother about.
Why not ask a genealogical group. If you know the name and basically where they come from they should be able to help or at least suggest where else you could go. there's one in the city in Melbourne http://www.gsv.org.au