18 November, 2007

Busy Weekend

I have had a very busy day. We did a huge tidy at Neil's Mum's house in his old room (only 40 years worth of accumulated crap, does he NEVER throw anything out?) We took Clara on the trip to Neil's place and she spent the whole time being very busy, running up and down the stair case and helping us tidy. Then we took her to the park for a round of fetch. She also fell in the fish pond! Needless to say she was completely stuffed by the time she got home.
We bought a ladder and whilst I was mowing the lawn and whipper-snippering Neil pulled a rats nest out of the roof (thankfully no rats were in residence at the time).
After tea, we watch telly while Clara slept on me.
Saturday was the complete opposite. I played Sims, all day :)

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