03 December, 2007


It's absolutely pissing down and has been for nearly an hour. Which is great, except that the bath room has started to leak :(
lots of heavy rain out the back door
I took about 10 photos of the leaking bath room roof, but they all looked crappy


beesknees said...

looks like you've done loads of work on the deck since I last saw it

Louise said...

We have?? Or was that a sarcastic comment

beesknees said...

nope, perfectly genuine. I guess last time I saw it was a very long time ago - no lattice or gate thingy

Louise said...

You must be forgetting. The lattice has always been there. It's ugly, I hate it

Anonymous said...

hmmm, my strange memory must be coming from a parallel universe then.

get rid of it then!

PS i see you changed the commenting thing ;)