13 January, 2008

Scottie must have

I found these photos months ago, and never book marked them, assuming (stupidly) that I'd be able to find them again easily. Neil and I have just spent most of the afternoon trying to find them again, and I finally had success, randomly searching photo storage places (thankfully on the 2nd on I looked on!)
The owner is happy to have them blogged, so This way at least I should be able to find them again easily:
stolen (sorry) but I could link to it, the bast Scottie coats in the world
Tartan Day in Brisbane, with the cool Scottie coats.........
Anyway, the reason for this is, I just HAVE to make one or two for my pups. I even bought Tartan in Edinburgh to make them from. I did discover after I got home and kilted it up the proper way that there is no way it would be enough Tartan, and then had to buy more in Queensland. But I'm starting today!
The Black and White dog match is coming up in February, so I REALLY want to have mine done by then.............

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beesknees said...

Oh dear, those poor dogs!
I hope it will at least be a bit cooler in February