04 February, 2008

My head

I haven't done a 'my head' post for quite some time. I have decided that I think its cos I know a lot more people are reading this now and I have gotten a bit shy. I'm gona have a bash now, mostly cos my head, the real one that live on my neck, is quite sore and I really can't be stuffed doing anything harder than typing just now.
Some things that have been happening that haven't made their way to here are:
  • My job hunting is going well-ish. I have two interviews this week, my old job to apply for and possible an 'interesting' discussion to have with a HR person who recons I can't apply for a particular job. I'm a bit pissed about that one, cos sooo much effort has to go into each application thats it's such a waste when they won't 'accept' one.
  • My current job is not going to badly at the moment (bar today of course, cos I just can't be stuffed cos I stayed up to late watching rubbish with a friend of mine. I have decided no more 'school night' parties). I have a weeks worth of training coming up in Canberra, hmm must organise flights and accom. I am about to organise some one to one training on VB, which I'm a bit keen on, as the 2-3 DB's I'm working on just now are needing some more skills than I presently have.
  • We have a family BBQ coming up with the side of the family I have never had anything to do with, because of some awful family stuff that happened before I was born. Quite looking forward to that.
  • Clara will be coming into season in the next month or so, and we should be having some puppies ~2 months after that. This is scaring the crap out of me for the min. But i have been assured this is a very normal way of feeling, and everything will work out fine.
  • Molly is going to the Vet tomorrow to have a mankie tooth removed. Hopefully she'll come out of that just fine and have nicer smelling breath by the end of it!
  • The Year 12 reunion thing that happened a while ago was good, and it has meant that I have had to tell/type a number of people about my life as it has been since yr12. This has been quite good as it has meant that I have come to realise, that no matter how much I bitch about stuff sometimes, I am actually quite happy and things are really going very well. Isn't that ACE?

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beesknees said...

yay! (last point).
Ooo, the BBQ with the unknown family, how exciting and interesting. hope it goes well.