18 February, 2008

The worst night

I had the worst night!
I was having a really odd dream, most of which I now can't remember, but the bit I can was about a weird crocodile, that was fairly small and covered in short yellow hair, like a Labrador, and heaps of sticky green slim. I was moving really slowly in a pond I was lying beside, then it came out of the water and opened it jaws, which were way bigger then it was, and came at me. It was at about this point I opened my eyes and the whole thing got worse.
There was someone standing beside the bed. They were shortish, and sort of leaning over a bit, like they were looking at me. I (quite understandable from my point of view) was slightly freaked out. I sat up and said 'Who are you?' and was disturbed to hear how odd my own voice sounded. I also turn the light on. There was know one there. I was quite shaken, I'm so positive there was someone there. Clara was happy I was awake and decided playing was a good idea, I looked at the time and it was 4am. As it had been a rather hot night, I'd had a number of doors and windows open, all of which I shut at this point. It took my quite some time to decide I could turn the light off.
Even after I did turn the light off, my brain was whizzing round. I then decided I had had a premonition. Something awful had happened and I should ring people, even though it was a quite awful hour. I didn't and eventually went back to sleep.
I did ring mum and dad in the morning, just to check they were ok. (they are by the way)
Ooooooooo, I hope that sort of thing doesn't happen again!

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beesknees said...

argh, that sounds really awful and very scary, poor you!