11 March, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Today is Dad's 70th birthday. We had his party on Sunday at the Steam Club. There were many people, we hardly forgot anything, the balloons were a disaster, much champagne was drunk and everyone seemed to have a good time, including Dad. Here are some photos:


beesknees said...

Ooo, Happy Birthday Darrell! (or is it Daryl or Darrel or Darryl- why dont I know that?)
Love that hat. your parents are looking very well.

{ME} said...

...saw you leave a comment on Scottish Terrier News and ended up here...I am sure you know how that works...Where did you get the cute little Radley on the skateboard and also dropping off the mail?
I totally need that for my blog.
Very Cute.

Louise said...

I "borrowed" them off the Radley Website!! oops