16 March, 2008


I hate to write on this cos it makes me seem so shallow, but I'm going to anyway. I have been trying on and off to loose weight for a while. Last year I was eating Lite'n'easy for a fair while, and that worked. I lost ~10-12 kg over 4 or 5 months. For ages after that I was eating less and it tool ages for me to put all the weight back on. So I thought I would just do the same thing again, but now Neil is living here it's way hard to eat only what I'm given in my little bags of food. Basically it comes down to, it's my/our (ie: the western world's) life style that makes me fat (that and chocolate) and I'm happy with my life style. I like what I eat: it's yummy. I don't really want to change my life style. I like food, I hate exercise, healthy food is generally a bit boring, i forget to buy fruit, i love chocolate, chips and other evil food. But I'm sick of being so fat. Obviously I don't hate it enough.
Here is my graph:
control freak wieght graph......
Yes I'm a bit of a control freak


Tracey said...

Don't feel bad. Enjoy your life and you will be happy no matter what you weigh.

beesknees said...

whats green and whats pink? mmmm, food - isnt that what life's all about?