06 April, 2008


We had a wedding yesterday, to be honest, neither of us were particularly keen on going. I would have preferred to just sit around and do nothing, but we got all scrubbed up and headed out. Given the weather lately, they had a very nice day for their ceremony, it was all outside, at the Collingwood Children's farm.
The ceremony was very heartfelt and really quite moving, I spoke to the celebrant, and she said that the couple had made up all of it, except the bit that has to be said. Neil got to catch up with all his uni buddies, although I find it all a bit weird that they all have kids. There was this bloke there, who I knew I should know who he was, but you know how it is when you see someone out of context and you therefore have no idea who they are, but your sure you should! Sorted it out in the end with a minimum of embarrassment.
The reception was really good, the food was excellent. One of Neil's friends had organised a band, that people put in money to pay for as the present, which was ace. The band was also great.
So, in the end it was an excellent after noon and evening, and even thoguh i ended up way to drunk and am now hungover, we were both really glad we were invited and went along.