27 May, 2008


So today I am at a training session, which is actually really good and I want to be here. I had to leave at 10am to go to Attwood to do a presentation, that I wasn't too keen on doing. About half way there, in a Taxi, I started feeling AWFUL, with the horrible 'girl' pain stuff. My head felt really fuzzy, my hands stopped working and went to pincers then my head started to get pins and needles. The poor taxi driver.
Anyway, I managed to pay, sort of sign my name on the cab charge and head into the building for the presntation. I was waiting to sign in when I decided I really eed to lye on the ground, I was sooo hot and in so much pain.
This poor lady, who was actually trying to sign out of the building and leave helped a work collegue take me out to the sick room. By this stage I could only just work and needed a lot of help to get off the ground.
I was literally dripping with sweat by this stage, I couldn't talk, think anything. Jo (who sits next to me) came in and helpped me while I was sick, then got all freezing and shivery. The was no blanket in the room and I was now freezing and shaking.
This was the worst lot ever.
Eventually I was able to eat a pain killer and I knew I would be fine. After half and hour or so, Jo and I got in a taxi to go home to my place. Jo couldn't believe that I was ok again. After I had a shower and we all had a sauage roll at home I decided to go back to the training. So here I am again, I feel pretty much normal, if a little tired, and I feel like I hardly missed a thing.
The FirstAider respoce out at Attwood DPI office left a little to be desired, very un responsive, and I tell you what, if I had been the first aider seeing me like that, I wouldn't have cared what I had said, I would have called an ambulance!
Note to self: Go to the doctor!

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