14 May, 2008


So, you might have noticed a reduction in the number of posts. I have been trying to think up why this is, I mean it certainly isn't because I have suddenly become busier at work! I have come up with two possible reasons.
  • Audience: It's not that I haven't always had an audience (Hello audience) it that my audience has increased lately to a point I wasn't really expecting. Every time I write something people, you know the real sort, the ones you actually see, talk to me, with like their mouths. It's freaky, and makes me self conscious.
  • Internet Stalking: As you know, I am an internet stalker. I look up my friends, and hunt for people I haven't seen in ages on the web. I read a number of blogs regularly, and am generally a complete internet nerd. (I hate not checking my mail 40 time a day). Recently I had occasion to experience this from the other side. Someone I hoped NEVER to heard from again found me. I am totally not surprised, I knew it would happen eventually, Facebook being what Facebook is, but I was still a bit shocked. I mean maybe that was mostly because this person is now so much more of a complete nut job than they were when I knew them, but still a bit shocked.

So the fact remains, something has knocked the edge of my blogging. The next thing is to decide what to do about it. Again, I have a few ideas:
  • Move my blog: Not really keen on this one, as my blog has been linked to in a number of places, and it would be a pain to change them all. Also, I like my name.
  • Give up for a bit, til people get sick of reading it: The I could come back to it in a few months, I would have next to no audience again, and I might be happy. But what if it all happens again?!?!?
  • Change the focus of my blog: Maybe retire the 'My head' tag, these posts had been going down anyway and it might be that I just need to resign myself to the grown and changing nature of me and simple focus on other things. I did, for quite awhile, find the 'My head' posts very therapeutic and helpful, and although I don't seem to be needing them just now, maybe I would be sorry later?!?!?
  • Get over it: say no more.
  • Move the 'My head' entries some where else: This is an idea worth considering, as I had already noted, the number of these as been going down, and I think in direct proportion to the growing audience. Also, I kind of got my self in trouble with these once already. And it would help if I need to payout on someone who also happened to be in my known audience (it all right everyone, this is a hypothetical statement (gees, see what I mean!!!))

Any way, probable a bit of thinking and planning to go, thoughts, as always, are welcome. Love yous all!!
Me :)

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beesknees said...

I'm confused. You don't want people to read your blog? but its no fun if no one reads (or comments) on it. or you dont want certain people to read it. I'd go with the final option so you can still have the satistfaction of knowing people read your stuff but anything too personal you can vent elsewhere so you dont have to feel self conscious or can bitch about people as you wish. and dont put links to it on facebook and the like. I once had a totally anonymous blog for the sake of venting and getting my head round stuff, but I felt kinda like a teenager with a secret diary and it seemed a bit stupid after a while. It was kinda fun/interesting getting comments from random strangers who dont know you though.