31 May, 2008


I didn't mention it at the time, but about 11 months ago Neil gave me, with all the love in his heart, a hair tie. As a ring. He, of course was joking, I wasn't. I decided to wear it, in place of a proper sparkley, until it broke. I was so sure it would all off while we were in the UK: it didn't. Then I was positive it would be gone by Christmas: Still there!
By this stage it was really starting to smell and look awful. (Originally it was white, by this stage it was a mucky looking gray)
Any way, a few minutes ago, we were playing bite-e games with Clara and she did one of her random grabs up at Mum (cos you know you have to bite the hand that feeds you) and her teeth got caught in and it broke (not before it tighten really tight around my finger and hurt like shit of course!)
It's a sad sad day.
P.S. Anyone got a spare sparkley Neil can buy off you?
dead hair tie ring

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Tracey and Huffle said...

OH NO!!!!!! it is a sad day indeed. should i start leaving ring catalogues on neil's desk?