23 May, 2008

Useless day

I have just had the most useless day. 5-6 hours sitting around, in what was probable a very expensive room, having a very nice, but completely unnecessary lunch, listen to people crap on about shit that is complete irrelevant to me, whilst getting more and more bored! geees peoples, I mean why were we even invited? Our group has nothing to do with Ministerials, governance and boring shit like that, I can't believe it!
The final straw was the Director announcing that he doesn't want to read web pages, we wants the information in documents, who cares if that means re-doing work, re-inventing the wheel and generally having 30 people go through hoops just to satisfy he ridiculous 30 years behind the times fucking 'typing pool' attitude!

1 comment:

Tracey and Huffle said...

I would comment on the fact that it is precisely these types of people who end up in charge in Government but you already know that.