16 June, 2008

Retail Therapy

I have been very miserable at work recently. I have had enough of coming to work, only to sit at my desk, cursing the web and trying to look busy til such time as I think it is ok for me to be seen leaving. It is depressing and I have also decided it is very bad for my self esteem.
I tried to make a 'point' about it last Thursday, by just not coming in and not ringing or anything, but the computers turned out to be down for most of the day, and people just assumed I wasn't the cos of that. Bugger.
Anyway, today was much the same, except I read a really sad blog post about someone's Scottie that had died and it made me sadder than I was. In the end I just HAD to leave (this was at about 3pm). So I wondered down to Melbourne Central, to go to Borders and buy a Trinny and Susannah book, then look at cloths.
I actually had a successful shopping trip. I tend to find that unless I have a reasonable success in the first shop, I don't tend to have a good time. Equally, if the first shop is a disaster, the whole trip is doomed.
The first stop (after Borders) was Suassan. This is not a shop I would normally go in, cos the cloths are normally a bit 'fashionable'. But they were having a sale, so I thought 'What the Hell'. I found a nice jacket, it was $139, reduced to $109, I tried it on, it was ok. I um-ed and arr-ed and decided to buy it anyway. The lady at the counter made some comment I didn't hear about it being reduced a bit further. It turned out it was going to cost $31 Oh My God!!!! A whole jacket for $31! WoW! YaY!
$31 jacket!
With this great success under my belt I ventured into dome other shops. Nothing really leapt out, although a lot of shops were having sales, which was nice. I decided to venture into Jacqui-e. This was a shop I used to quite like, then it went yukky for a while and I stopped going there. It seems to have gone nice again cos I accidentally bought a 3 piece suit and a dress. It did help that the lady who was helping me was really nice, wearing the skirt a bought and a huge fan of the pants too. The jacket and skirt of the suit and the dress were also on sale. Gotta love that, so the whole lot only cost <$350!
The upshot of all this retail therapy was that I feel a heap better. However, I really must put in a whole load of effort to solving the underlying problems, cos I can't afford to do this every week!


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beesknees said...

cool, nothing like an excellent bargain. Maybe I should go for some retail therapy too, now I have the Pear and Skittle rules to guide me and am 'working at home' today. only 2 weeks of sales to go.

resign I say, life's too short