03 July, 2008


when you commute to work, either by PT or private transport, you get to see a lot of stupid things. As I commute by motorcycle, I get to see my stupid things on the road. This afternoons stupid thing was a lady in a huge brand new BMW 4WD who had decided at the last minute she needed to turn right from Punt road into Johnson street (for non-Melburnians these are two fairly major roads, (for Americans, and other who drive on the wrong side of the road, think left and turn)) Unfortunately she had missed the end of the cue of traffic that was already lined up to turn right. For any normal person they would have thought "oh bum" and turn down the next street and doubled back, but not this bright spark. No, she decided there was plenty of room at the front of the cue and she would just slow down, in traffic travelling 70km and hour and push in at the front. This not only pissed off the moving traffic, but just imagine being the car the was the first in the cue.
Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you as today's bit of f%#&ing stupid on the way home.

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beesknees said...

you also get to see many stupid things when commuting by bicycle. last night it was parents who let their kids, in black clothes, walk on the bikeway when its dark and then just stand there in the middle of the path and pedestrians who are under the impression that their walking is faster than someone on a bike (even I don't ride that slow) and even though they've looked straight at you think its a good idea to walk in front of you (also in black clothes in the dark) sigh.

Maybe your BMW lady was a Queenslander - they love doing those things up here