04 August, 2008

Clara and Molly at the snow

We took the dogs to the snow Yesterday. It was great. We had a bit of trouble finding some snow, in fact I had all but resigned myself to having driven for two hours and not getting to see any, when we finally found some! With was a bit scrappy, but it was enough. Clara had a great time, as you can see:

Here are the rest of the photos
Clara, in her usually "I had a big day" fashion, proceeded to sleep on the way home, a fairly impressive feat given the roads (bumpy and windy)

Note to Non-Australians: Snow is a big deal here, we don't get much of it, and you have to travel a long way to get it. It's Exciting ok?!?!?!


beesknees said...

yay, how exciting! Molly doesnt seem quite as impressed as Clara though

Tracey and Huffle said...

Where did you end up going? I wonder if the cats would like the snow...?