07 August, 2008


I know that some of you feel the same, but I find it soooo hard to work when I only have one or two things to do that aren't urgent. I just tend to do nothing til it's urgent. I have spent sooo much time over the last little while in front of the PC doing 'stuff'. Almost none of it was work. Today my head is hurting and my eyes are tired and I can't be arsed doing anything.


beesknees said...

ah yes, I know the feeling, total procrastination for weeks on end and then all of a sudden there's 5 thousand things that are urgent and i get all stressed. well, here's another type of 'stuff' in case you need more ways to fill your day, total waste of time but addictive:

Tracey and Huffle said...

It's very easy to procrastinate when you don't have a deadline. We are all good at that!